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    • When Bronies Take Pony Too Seriously
    • Sunny's Hidden Feelings
    • Tiktok and the Next Generation of the Brony Fandom
    • Friendship is Magic Miniseries Pinkie Pie
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    When Bronies Take Pony Too Seriously
    By IronYoshi

    I think its high-time we tackled this certain issue.

    We were all brought together thanks too MLP:FIM. We produce fanart, music, plushies, held cons, etc. But one thing that has remained steady-handed in this fandom is discussion and analysis of the show itself, from episodes to characters. And that's all fine and good, but that can lead into a much bigger problem. And that is when bronies take the show (or anything revolving around  it) way too seriously?

    What do I mean by this and how exactly is this an issue? Well, sometimes fans can get a bit too obsessive when it comes to the show or one of the characters, and that they turn a normal discussion and detail it, thinking that this character or episode is the worst thing ever, and dragging the conversation down. I think it's very important to understand that at its core, despite having a mostly adult following, FIM is a cartoon. A children's cartoon no less. A very well made children's cartoon, but you get the point. Is it really worth getting extremely upset over? I don't have anything against healthy discussion over the show, but sometimes it can get derailed by those who think FIM is this high piece of art that must meet specific standards, and if it doesn't , they need to break into this massively long rant about how they're right and anyone who disagrees with them is inferior. Again, all over a horse cartoon!

    Stuff like that is how we ended up with SaveMLP and other nonsense that bog this fandom down. You have to stop and think to yourself, of all the things to get upset over, getting mad over ponies is one of them? And sure, there are plenty of things FIM did that I personally don't like (specifically lack of Celestia and Novo), but it's not gonna matter in the grand scheme. And fanworks aren't even safe from this either. Anyone ever read the fancomic "Fix"? The comments for that are literally a warzone! Endless bickering back and forth! You know, for a series that had lessons in friendship , the fandom sure hasn't taken them into account. Maybe Fame and Misfortune was onto something.

    I guess to conclude, discussion and analysis of MLP:FIM is completely fine, so long as you go about it without going in with guns a blazing. It's nice to talk about your favorite characters, episodes, and seasons, as well as seeing different viewpoints. But just remember that it shouldn't devolve into flamewar. There shouldn't be bloodshed over ponies. How would the Mane 6 feel about that? Remember what the series has taught us. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna write a 100,000 word essay on why Celestia and Novo are the best rulers ever and anyone who disagrees with it is 100% wrong.

    I'm joking, I'm joking...


    Sunny's Hidden Feelings
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So… This is my second Sunny focused soapbox and yet I’m an Izzy fan… Not having a focused post on her so far… I guess I’m more a fan of Sunny than I thought I was…

    Anyway… Ever since we got the synopsis for the Sunny’s Day book, where Izzy seeks to cheer up Sunny when she feels sad and rethinking about the movie, I have this thought that Sunny is hiding a deep and secret feeling for a long time, even when she seems so upbeat and excited. And that would be the loss of her father, Argyle.

    And yeah, I think it’s pretty much confirmed that Argyle is gone, just like The Perfect Pear and the Apple parents, there are clear hints that Argyle has passed. And the clear example being when Sunny says, “I wish you were here, dad.” However I have to wonder… Even when Sunny isn’t sad, is she really hiding her true feelings, keeping them locked away from her friends, even thought she should talk about how she’s feeling.

    I have this feeling that if A New Generation was slightly longer, (And I could imagine a deleted scene of this) that we could have seen a scene where Sunny goes out alone to her now destroyed home. There she wishes that her father could be here to share the moment with her, that he would have loved to see what has become of Sunny’s success.

    And I feel like, while it is unlikely, that in Sunny’s Day, the reason why Sunny is down is that she doesn’t have her father around to see how changed the world is. And Izzy wants to help Sunny by taking her mind off her loss or doing the activities with Sunny that she used to with Argyle.

    Furthermore, this is even more unlikely, given the rating G5 has, like G4, but will they tackle Argyle’s death head on in an episode, saying straight to the audience that Sunny’s father is indeed gone for real? Again, very unlikely, just like The Perfect Pear, they need to play it safe, providing just enough clues and hints to confirm that tragic fact.

    Either way, I really hope this does get addressed, Sunny and her father did share a very close and special relationship that it would be a shame if there wasn’t more than what we saw in the movie. Maybe a few flashbacks showing Argyle and little Sunny spending their time together. But that’s all from me, what do you think about Sunny’s hidden feelings and what do you want to show going forth about them!?


    Tiktok and the Next Generation of the Brony Fandom

    Is anyone really bringing up tiktok and the future of the fandom. I've been trying to convince almost every mlp content creator I've met, that tiktok has some incredible potential for the future of this fandom, but it seems like what I say always falls on deaf ears.

    Is anyone really bringing up tiktok and the future of the fandom. I've been trying to convince almost every mlp content creator I've met, that tiktok has some incredible potential for the future of this fandom, but it seems like what I say always falls on deaf ears.

    "The Discord Remix Went Viral On TikTok and We Completely Missed It" I remember the first thing I thought when I read this eqd post was "We? Who's we?," and it really pointed me out to just how under represented the brony fandom is on one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing social media platform worldwide. Think about that. TLT's Discord has historically always been very powerful in gathering new fans of the show and piquing interest but despite it ABSOLUTELY BLOWING UP on tiktok I still had to BEG people to see tiktok as a VALID platform let alone an important one in regards to the future of the fandom and the next generation of fans.

    AND THEN BOOM IT HAPPENED AGAIN. The mordetwi meme went absolutely viral and took over tiktok, once again getting the younger tiktok demographic interested in FIM and its derivative fan content. Despite a large new audience for mlp content showing that they DO EXIST on the platform and telling mlp content creators that there is a potentially HUGE demand for their content on the app I am still met with blank stares and "tiktok ew cringe".

    Bronies. Adult fans of the series My Little Pony. Calling tiktok cringe. It just seems like there's a bit of a lack of self-awareness. I dont mean to call anyone out, or clown anyone, but in case you didn't realize it, as much as Friendship is Magic, whether ironically or not, Bronies are Cringe. It has always been the case and always will be. The brony fandom was birthed on that semi-ironic-semi-genuine-self-aware-cringe humor and one of the places where you find that the most right now is Tiktok. I just find it a shame we don't share our fandom on tiktok as much. I think they'd really like it (if it hasn't become apparent that they've already shown they do) and I think we'd like it there.

    Holy shit. Crooked._.beetles has SINGLE HANDEDLY carried the brony fandom on tiktok for FAR TOO LONG. She's has even been leading a new generation of artist and tiktok mlp creators to replicate her style while they start to find their own cutie marks and specialties. I just think that we already have a lot of talent in the brony fandom and if we supplied the tiktok audience with the brony content that inspires them, we could essentially "pass the torch" to the next generation of the fandom and make this ride a lot more fun for everyone.

    Personally I think an event, something like a month where bronies "raid" tiktok with funny original content planting the seeds for a new community in hopes of passing the torch and building hype would be cool or even something as simple as eqd doing some sort of tiktok promotion so more people are motivated to try posting ponies on there. idk but I hope we can make something like #bronytok and turn it into something really cool.

    Anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk I am looking forward to seeing other's thoughts and discussing things further. I could literally and have literally talked about this for hours.


    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Pinkie Pie
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about Pinkie Pie.
    With Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich confirmed to be together and have a son, this leads to more possible stories of how their relationship grew. Somewhere in my opinion Cheese decided to become a substitute teacher at the School of Friendship when Pinkie is unavailable. It would be fun to see what the Yaks think of him since he is just like Pinkie. I can see Pinkie and Cheese go on a double date with Maud and Mudbriar.

    It’s safe to say that Pinkie still holds a strong bond with Pound and Pumpkin Cake even their adult hood. We saw that they have their cutie marks but its boils down to who helped them, their parents, the CMC, or Pinkie. While the CMC could help but Pinkie, Cup Cake, and Carrot Cake played a big part. It would be fun to see both Pinkie and Cheese babysit the twins and what do they think of him dating their favorite babysitter. One sad thing that hopefully will not happen is a fanfiction called We Regret to Inform You narrated by DRWolf001. It involves the Cakes died in an accident and Pinkie was made the Cake twins their solo guardian in their will. This would involve both dealing with loss and transition from babysitter to a mother.

    The most funnies thing that fans like from Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts Coinky-Dink World is her being a shipper. I’ve seen fan art on deviantart and derpibooru where she ships who ever she sees like her human counterpart did. I can really see her doing this but mostly with her friends and family since anyone else would get her into trouble. I think she will be trying to find her sister Limestone a guy that can look pass her mean and sarcastic attitude.

    In my opinion I don’t think Lil Cheese is their first born. It’s unknown when they got married but most likely happen sometime after the knights were defeated. I think he is perhaps either their third or fourth child. This would explore the possibility of how big the CheesePie family is.