• Hearth's Warming Music!! BlueBrony, Agatan, Fliterkriz & Sakairi Melodious - The Magic of Hearth's Warming [Carol]

    BlueBrony & Friends did wonderful for this Hearth's Warming!! Set in the time of G5, this lovely song in the style of a carol has even got a voiced intro skit, with everypony acting as ponies in Equestria using their OCs!! And it does sound just like something out of the show!! They nailed the lovely skit so well, and then when the song starts you get enveloped by nothing but the most heart-warming vibes, preaching about unity and the Hearth's Warming spirit, believed by many to be lost by the time of G5! Thankfully there will always be ponies to spread some needed cheer and unity spirit, and these 4 friends truly did magnificent with that here!! Thank you all for this! Another token of our undying brony spirit, and unity as passionate pony fans! Come on everypony, there may be no more cookies left, but we can still join the party and help them decorate! All together!