• 3D Animation: Spike's Christmas Hope

    The holiday season continues, with some Spike and Twilight friendship this evening. A full 3d animated holiday story about Spike and Twilight trapped in the wilderness.

    There aren't any words, but the comments have a neat little summary someone added. I've popped that in too!

    Get the video below.



    From the comments:

    It was a cold Christmas evening, as Twilight and Spike trekked up a mountain. Due to her condition, Spike had to act as her crutch. A chilling breeze blows across the two.

    Twilight: Spike, I can't go much further.
    Spike: It's okay, Twilight. We can stop just up ahead. See, there's a cave we can hold out in I can use some twigs from that tree to start a fire.
    He points in the distance to the mentioned area.
    Twilight: Finally, I can actually settle down.
    They approach the cave entrance.
    Spike: You go on ahead. I'll meet you in there.
    As Twilight takes a step inside, she slips and starts sliding deeper into the cave. Spike ponders for a moment, before jumping in. They find an open area inside, safe from the outside conditions. Twilight tried to stand in vain with Spike on her back, but he hopped off so she could get up.
    Twilight: This seems like a nice place to hold out at.
    Spike: I'll go get some wood.
    While he exited the cave, Twilight noticed a small rock on the ground and tested her magic again. Alas, she couldn't even lift the rock for long. Despondent with the results, she kicked it with her hoof and gathered a circle manually. All the while, Spike wrestled away several twigs from the old tree outside. When he got back, Twilight attempted to carry them over to the circle with magic, only to fall short once more.
    Spike: Hey, it's okay. I can do this.
    He places them in the center of the rocks and blows fire onto them.
    Spike: That should keep us going for a while. I'm gonna get some rest. Goodnight Twilight.
    He yawns and nestles himself between Twilight's front hooves.
    Twilight: Goodnight, Spike.
    For a moment, she lays her head down. In the next instant, she lifts it back up and tries to conjure up a portal. Over the next several hours, many futile attempts were made. Unbeknownst to her, a shooting star flew overhead. As if by a wish, a blinding light shot down from the sky, piercing through the cave and embuing Twilight with magical energy, as well as restoring her injuries.
    Twilight: I better make this one count.
    Fortunately for her, a rainbow beam fires from her horn, opening the portal she so desperately attempted to create.
    Twilight: Sweet Celestia! Spike. Spike!
    She nudged him, hoping to wake him.
    Spike: What is it, Twilight?
    He yawns before opening his eyes.
    Twilight: I did it!
    She points to the slowly shrinking portal.
    Spike: Awesome! Let's go see what's on the other side.
    They investigate the portal. Spike hops through first.
    Spike: Twilight, we can get home now. Come on!
    She heads for the portal. Alas, her wings wouldn't let her through it.
    Twilight: I can't get through, Spike. I'm stuck.
    Spike: Come on, you can do this.
    Twilight: I'm sorry, but I have to find another way there. I can't open it back up.
    She takes her head out of the portal and heads back to the fire pit. Just as it would seem the portal would close, Spike hops back through to Twilight.
    Twilight: Spike, what are you...?!
    She quickly grabs him up and tries to send him back, but it too late. The portal finally disappeared.
    Twilight: Spike, why? You could have been home.
    In defeat, she plops down in front of the fire pit again. Spike lights up the fire once more.
    Spike: Because, it wouldn't feel like a home without you.
    He nestles himself beneath one of Twilight's wings.
    Twilight: It wouldn't feel the same without you either, Spike.
    They eventually lay back down for the night.