• SUPER EMOTIONAL Pony Vocal Chops Meaningful Music: char - Any Fuss [Alternative Electronic]

    (excerpt) I think... I think I followed it up with... "Holy freaking horseapples this might just be the best pony song ever created."
    Anypony who is reading this and who is a pony fan... you need to listen to this in full. You'll thank me later. It's just... pure pony emotion, and meaningful and story-centered at that. Those pony voices... how they are chopped, composed, how they are pertaining to Starlight's character depth and development... How this song is telling Starlight's impactful story through its progression, with a powerful ending giving rise to a newfound place... How the chops encompass her relationship with Trixie, and how they resonate with our love for them... How we can feel connected listening to this song and tearing up, remembering that there are several like us, all around the world, feeling Passion for MLP and the ponies... You will be able to experience all that in this song. Open your ears... and open your soul. Welcome home.