• PonyFest Online 5.0 Is This Weekend

    Just because conventions are in-person again, doesn't mean the online world needs to end. We have another online event, this time from the original crew with PonyFest Online 5.0. The festivities primarily happen today, with panels (Including one with Imalou!), a virtual vendor hall, and more.

    Get the full press release below.

    Press Release: 


    PonyFest Online! Returns This Weekend

    After a one-year break from full online conventions, PonyFest Online! is back this weekend, Oct. 2, with a full day of fun and ponies!

    This time, for our fifth event, we're excited to have the festivities coincide with the release of the G5 My Little Pony movie, My Little Pony: A New Generation.

    Stop by throughout the day for panels and programming not just about the brand-new characters introduced to the MLP canon but also discussions and presentations about ponies from previous generations, including the still-popular G4!

    On tap we've got Imalou, character designer for G5, as an uber-special guest, with a full panel discussing the film from a behind-the-scenes standpoint.

    As always, we're also boasting a variety of well-known names in the fandom who'll be presenting panels throughout the day. Want Silver Quill's opinion on the G5 movie? Come on by! Forward Progress is around to talk about A New Generation, too. Minty Root has a fan animation panel you're bound to love. MidnightPremiere is back with the always-enjoyable Drawing4Exposure. And RiffPonies? Well, of course they're bringing the fuf. Wouldn't be a PFO without it!

    Tune in also for nine -- count 'em, nine! -- sets from some of the best of the best in the fandom musically, including Faulty, PrinceWhateverer, Lavender, MathematicPony, Khaliber, Nevermourn, Bolt the Super-Pony, Prowox and Rock Fox. We'll be streaming our renegade stage to Twitch, too -- stop by there to check out even more music content from talent old and new!

    Vendors? Of course we've got vendors! Drop by throughout the weekend and check out the creations from around two dozen of our favorite creators and artists. Commission some art! Buy a print! Get a custom badge for your return to IRL conventions! It's all there and much more.

    Our other programming includes a Perrydotto-hosted charity auction benefiting Doctors Without Borders (more info here!), tabletop gaming and some e-gaming as well. No shortage of fun to be had, that's for sure.

    Oh, speaking of games. Pony Town server is a GO! Sign on Saturday at event.pony.town and be a horse with us. A lot of work and care was put into this custom map, and it's gonna be a blast playing while watching our panels and programming from inside the game, too!

    Excited? We are too.

    To join in on the festivities, visit ponyfest.horse, where you'll find streams of all the content throughout Saturday. Some programming will be exclusive through our Discord, so join that here, and of course, you'll also have Pony Town to watch and listen along on as well.

    Follow us on social media, too, for all the latest updates! We're @ponyfestonline everywhere, y'all.

    We'll see you Saturday!