• MLP Tribute Music: EveryDayDashie - The My Little Pony Symphony [Orchestral]

    A pony musician I didn't know about before and who has only 2 subs (3 with mine now), and making tributes to MLP such as this 10-minutes long symphony, can you believe it? Well listen for yourself and witness all the lovely musical references to the Theme Song in this progressive beauty in several movements, and notice the amazing retro J-RPG vibes at 7:35, with even an epic guitar coming in!! And this is not the first musical tribute to the ponies that EveryDayDashie has made, check out their other releases on their channel, with notably the dank vocal chops-powered Hitch Trailblazer - Unicorn Attack (EveryDayDashie Remix)..! Now that is creative!

    And look at Dashie in the video SO CUTE!