• Happy 11 Year Anniversary to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

    I've been so buried in G5 stuff that I completely forgot to check the date! It is officially October 10th (at least in blog time) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic turned 11 years old today! How crazy is that? Some of the people viewing this site were 10 years old when the show first started up. It makes me feel super old!

    We may have entered a brand new generation of pony here, but that doesn't mean these 6 will ever be forgotten. We still get loads of art, music, videos, and fanfiction based on them, and I doubt that will slow down anytime soon. They've left too big of an impact on the world, especially on animation as a whole. Do you think Hasbro ever would have been confident enough to launch their 5th generation of this brand with a big movie if G4 turned out to be the 2 season and done concept they envisioned way back when it was first under construction? It's insane for a cartoon to last this long, especially for a brand that is primarily marketed at girls.

    Anyway, celebrate 11 years today! Hopefully Generation 5 lasts just as long and we can look back in a decade thinking of the good times when Izzy, Sunny, Hitch, Zipp, and Pipp were first introduced and the fandom exploded in love for them. I can only imagine what we will come up with for the five of them by then considering all of the zany stuff we've thrown the mane 6 through of the years!