• Fanfiction: Records of Equestria: The Elements of Power


    Author: Gearcrow

    Description: Peace is precarious. So is happiness. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and Element of Magic, has presided over a hundred year era of Equestrian prosperity, but the joy of her subjects is not her own. Fear gnaws at her heart and her mind, and when she lies down to sleep at night she is haunted by dark whispers from the dawn of time. Visions of cataclysm hound her every step, visions she knows are true. Something is coming for them all. The Elements are weary, struggling to adhere to the Principles of Harmony and troubled by their apparent immortality and ever-changing roles in society. To face what's coming for their world, they'll have to overcome their pain and remember... Remember where they've come from, who they are, and why in the end, the power of love and friendship transcends all.

    Records of Equestria: The Elements of Power

    Additional Tags: Twilight and Rarity (and the others) defend the world.