• Equestria Girls How To Backstage Follow Up


    So I will not deny that the moment I saw the title card, I wanted to write about this one. It’s Sunset Shimmer and it’s Sunset Shimmer this happy. This was a mighty need. So we have another YouTube based blog styled short with Sunset touring the backstage life of music artists. But since this is still a children’s show (as far as they know), they have to be more wholesome than popping bottles of champagne and drug use. We even get to know the real stars of these music festivals. If I were to give this short a moral, it’s to always appreciate the little things in these music festivals and not just the band. Everybody and everything is just as important as the performers. Either that or check on the swag bags before recording how cool they are. Never know what you’re gonna get. Let’s take a look backstage with Sunset and see how the VIPs live it up.


    So I want to guess this is after the events of the special since I’m pretty sure she didn’t have this before coming, but hey. When you save the world and a pop group’s friendship, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few perks afterwards. I just love how stoic this security guard is in the background. She’s probably used to fans, but at least she’s letting Sunset record with her drone.

    (Editor’s Note: So I tried looking it up and I’m not 100% sure if this was Starswirl the Bearded’s canon cutie mark on the pass.)


    Ok I have no idea how backstages work, but this lounge is beautiful. The soft lighting with the lights in cages, the stretch couches, and the colors accented with gold on the wall are great for comfort rooms. And yet Sunset’s smile is brighter than most of these lights. 


    If there’s one thing that should be hit up first is the swag bags that come with being a VIP and Sunset knows it. Usually in these cases it should be just as expensive as the VIP passes themselves. Noise canceling headphones, fancy chocolate brands you can’t pronounce, anything to say you partied like a rock star.


    Yeah this is the face of someone thinking “how do I make socks interesting and exciting?” I don’t deny loving a good pair of good fuzzy socks even as a gift, but…plain white tube socks? Practical I guess, but not even a cool color or the Starswirled logo on them? Meh. Take what you can get I suppose.


    Next stop is the green room, which aren’t always actually green. Go figure, right? I can only imagine who will see through that door. Maybe some old names like Countess Coloratura or our Justin Bieber clone Feather Bangs? Maybe Post Crush or even The Dazzlings just to make it super awkward.


    Oh. Guess it’s just the backstage crew setting up for the bands. Well that’s not so bad I guess. They at least travel with the band and maybe even have some juicy secrets to say about whatever group they work for.


    Looks like Sunset is quite knowledgeable about Post Crush even down to who runs the lights and sounds. And they’re just not backstage hands, they even developed some of the things used in Post Crush’s show like pick up only reverb and the light show. It’s funny though. This makes me think back on Season 5’s Mane Attraction, where the importance of the glammed up Countess Coloratura came from things like the lighting, sound, and auto tune spell. In that case it was supposed to be seen as “not the real RaRa” until she performed without it. It did feel a little too optimistic in the episode since it’s still about the performer and not just the “razzle dazzle” of the effects. But I’m glad we get a look at the hard work that’s put into a performance, even when it feels like it’s just making sure things sound right and that the stage is lit up. 


    So we also get to meet another band staring Dirk Thistleweed in the center. My guess would be country music from his dressed down attire and his band mates, so this might be up Applejack’s alley. We also see that they also appreciate a good pair of socks since Sunset decided to put them on for the video. Whether she’s just barefooted or if these socks are over her shoes, I will never know. But at least Sunset gets to meet a real band.

    Yeah I’m sure that caught them off guard real quick. Instead of getting their picture taken, something they’re probably used to a lot, they have the pleasure of being the photographers in this case for Sunset. I love that they’re no really that upset or angry about it since this probably doesn’t happen always. Maybe the idea that they’re not the ones getting hounded is refreshing in a way. I don’t know who they are as a band, but I already love them and want to support whatever music they do…even country. But only a little bit.


    This was way too wholesome. My heart can’t take it! It’s just too cute! And this picture just shows that even the backstage crew really likes what they’re doing and know they can appreciate their hard work even when not a lot of people don’t notice it. But one thing’s for sure is that Sunset noticed it and this probably made their day in a huge way. Even the drone got in on the picture.

    And that was How to Backstage, a short and sweet look at the life of a VIP without much of the fake glam that you would see. This was actually just a fun video to watch just because I could see anybody getting excited like this for going backstage to meet people you admire. Sunset was the little kid in all of us that lit up whenever we saw a concert and felt like the performer noticed you or even seeing Santa Claus for the first time. Who knows. This just felt like a nice short to appreciate not just the performers but the people who work to make the performance amazing. People can still be there for the performers and the live bands, but the full show is really something when you put together the lighting, sound and stage work to make sure everything goes smoothly. Behind every great band, there’s the person tuning the instruments, checking the safety of the cables, and maybe even making sure if you’re lip synching that the right song is playing for the performance. Nobody wants to be an Ashley Simpson. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to buy more fuzzy socks. Maybe in navy blue for the Starswirled Music Festival.