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    • How do pony musical numbers work?
    • Other Zephyr Breeze Ships
    • Is Fluttershy too Perfect?
    • "The Washouts" Confirms Scootaloo's Disability

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    How do pony musical numbers work?
    By: FlareGun45

    One thing that puzzles me about not just MLP in general, but about many content like Disney stuff - it's the singing. In terms of Equestrian standards, it seems traditional for ponies to sing a musical number at moments such as an important event or using it to explain a situation of how they're feeling. Now I know this is just a cartoon, but I wanna think a bit logical for a second. Do the ponies rehearse these musical numbers before they sing them? Did they write the lyrics? Cause if not, how does this work? How do all these ponies be able to sing with one-another without rehearsal?

    Well, I'm sure most of you are gonna answer this question with this: MAGIC. Ok, sure, but how does that magic work exactly? Seems like all these shows and movies that turn out to be musicals have some kinda magic in them - so how does this magic make people be able to know what they wanna sing about? The magic is like a parasite controlling everyone, putting words in the mouths of these characters, and I'm not completely sure if everyone is in control while that happens.

    Songs like Winter Wrap Up are traditional, so that song seems natural, but then you got the Smile Song with all the ponies singing along with Pinkie, and then suddenly everypony is following her around and being able to hop on the roofs of all the buildings in town. Makes me wonder if this is actually happening in Pinkie's mind, cause is that REALLY happening? I know Pinkie can hop from roof to roof, but we're talking about everypony in Ponyville, and then all the sudden during the musical number, everyone is following her around like, "Dudes.... why are you following me? How you able to hop on roofs? That's my thing. And how are you able to sing in-sync with eachother?"

    Honestly, when you think about it, everypony being able to sing like they're being controlled is kinda creepy. There's this baker, and a flower pony, and a pony that can't open a peanut butter jar, they're suddenly a chorus. Seems like it only affects the ponies, cause half the time Spike's not singing along for some odd reason, so is he immune to the parasite? Big Mac doesn't usually sing along either, except with the Pony Tones, but that's rehearsed. Makes ya wonder if the Mane 6 have some sorta hidden magic in them to be able to get other ponies to sing along with them against their will.

    And.... where's the music coming from? The instrumentals - can anypony hear them? Who's playing those instruments, I wonder? Maybe Daniel Ingram is the evil mastermind! Maybe he's controlling the ponies, making them sing together against their will! Has any of the ponies ever wondered how and why they do that? Daniel, you evil evil musical genius! :P

    Other Zephyr Breeze Ships
    By Double C

    Ever since Zephyr Breeze made his first he was quit the funny guy especially how he loves to flirt with Rainbow Dash. Obviously Rainbow has no interest in him despite rejecting him countless times and Mrs. Shy hinted that she had a crush on him once. While there is a number of fans who like to ship these two since they’ve known each other since childhood and their opposed personalities. The other is that fans can finally ship Soarin with either Spitfire or Applejack since they are 2nd and 3rd. Hopefully he will one day realize that she isn’t in to him and find someone else who is into him. There are some mares that Zephyr would be with that make some sense but there is one that could workout for him.

    Zephyrcut is a ship between Zephyr and Pixie Cut. When Pixie made her first appearance in Issue 74, she was great both in her personality and looks. Both have many things in common like their love of manestyling and experience of doubting their skills. But what makes Pixie a good character and a new love interest is that she learns to face her fear otherwise she will never accomplish her dreams. This gave Zephyr confidence to overcome his fear of stage fright and do what he loves to do. I hope Pixie will appear in season 10 and maybe the two of them can open up their own beauty salon in Ponyville.

    While Pixie Cut is an automatic chose but there are others who have their favorites like Tree Hugger and Lime Stone. Who do you guys think Zephyr should be paired with?


    Is Fluttershy too Perfect?
    By Alexrioponylover95 and FlareGun45

    Hello everycreature!

    Finally got around to doing a Fluttershy soapbox, only took like 30 others to get there eventually!


    As most of you should know by now, Fluttershy is my most favorite and best pony because I relate to her so much. She’s an introvert who gets through many struggles to come out of her shell and overcome anything in her way, every time. In fact that’s what makes her so perfect to me. Maybe a little too perfect…

    What I mean is that time and time again, she always succeeds at the end of every episode she’s a focus of, as far as I can remember. She never seems to lose in the end and I guess in some way, for somepony like her, that can be a little boring to be honest. (Not that I’m really complaining!) Now yes, there’s the fact that she does go back to her usual behavior even after having come out of her shell and well, seeing past the fact that it’s different episode writers, I wouldn’t say that bad, it just makes her even more perfect, because it is more relatable in my opinion.

    However I would have liked to see an episode (Again as far as I can remember) where Fluttershy does in fact fail completely at the end, realize she can’t overcome every problem she faces. And maybe if a similar situation comes up in another episode, she can do it better and then even succeed, which would make for a better setup for her. That way Fluttershy isn’t the completely perfect character that the writers sometimes make her to be in the end, it would be more believable.

    Now that’s all for me, because I’m going to turn the rest of this soapbox to my good friend, FlareGun45!

    Sup brahs? Ol Alexrioponylover95 isn't leaving me with much words to work with, but I'll see what I can do. One of the coolest things of Fluttershy is she's always very empathetic - she's a bit like Starlight in a way, or more like Starlight's like Fluttershy in a way like that. Cause of all that, she sees the value of everycreature, like Discord, Dr. Caballeron, Ahuizotl, and even Garble, which led her to being able to reform them! She's pretty much had the best track record when it comes to reforming villains! Other than Twilight, she is also Spike's very first Mane 6 friend!

    In fact, she befriended Spike before Twilight, so to me, she's already a higher value than most of the Mane 6 in that regard! Ol Flutters here is basically one of the greatest faces of friendship within the entire group, probably even surpassing Twilight! Fluttershy could probably save Equestria just by showing empathy to the main villain - she was already able to reform one of the Storm King's guards in the movie! Makes me wonder why she isn't the Princess of Friendship!

    "The Washouts" Confirms Scootaloo's Disability
    By: Dark Qiviut

    For several seasons, the answer to "Is Scootaloo disabled or not?" hung in the air. Flight to the Finish suggested she was disabled, but instead went with the possibility of flying one day. Future episodes implied it via some insecurity. During both Magic Sheep and Bloom & Gloom, she was able to fly in her dreams. Three seasons later, she relished her free ability to swim, as it felt like flying.

    But no episode answered that question so explicitly like The Washouts. Scoot's signature personality flaw — her insecurity — helped drive this instant classic. While it never stated how well Lightning Dust knew of Ponyville's open secret beforehand, her close connection with Dash during WA implies she was probably told of it. So what did she do with it? Exploit it to drive a wedge into their sisterly relationship. When Dash described the Wonderbolts as home of the best flyers, she retorted with this:
    Lightning Dust: I started the Washouts because I believe *anypony* can be the best of the best.
    In the background, Scootaloo's facial expressions and behavior went from rejection (while crimping her right wing) to hopeful. For the first time, a group openly welcomes and extends a hoof to pegasi like her, which the Wonderbolts lack.

    When Rainbow Dash demonstrates understandable tough love to convince her to not join the Washouts, all she accomplished was alienating Scoot even more. This exchange gives it away.
    Rainbow Dash: Uh... Heh. Sorry that was a little... intense. I just wanna make sure you don't get hurt. That way, you can follow in my hoofsteps. Heh. Everypony's dream, right?

    Scootaloo: More like "follow your wingflaps."

    Rainbow Dash: Same difference.
    No, RD, it's not. Scootaloo implied that because she can't fly, she *can't* follow in 'em, but Dash is too oblivious to understand it. Not to mention she also tried to maintain her ego, watering down her lessons further.

    This rant to begin Act 3 solidifies it for good:
    Scootaloo: Just because I look up to you doesn't mean I have to *be* you! But based on *your* definition of what makes somepony great, I have bad news. I'll *never* be the best of the best or a Wonderbolt! *glances at wings and flutters them* Because *I! CAN'T! FLY!* …Is that what you wanted to hear?
    Scootaloo *knows* her dream to become a Wonderbolt is over, because she can't fly. Does she simply let that go? No. Pay attention to how she looks at and flutters her wings before emphasizing. Admitting it to Dash really hurts. Rainbow Dash also took her harsh words hard, but understood her newfound commitment to Dust's underground group and gave her space, yet watched nearby just in case Dust was up to any tricks.