• Equestria Girls Festival Filters Follow Up


    Hang on to your cellphones because we’re gonna get heavy with the new age of photography. But not really in a serious sense. Just whatever filter is on a standard smart phone…and then some. This is probably the most easy going, least zany short you could find with EqG only because it’s just friends having fun with camera filters. Nothing really too crazy, but kind of a good thing in this case. If I were to give this uneventful short a moral, it would be to be in the moment. Pictures can be pictures, but they also mean a whole lot more. A good memory, a fun event, a record of all the people you’ve met or hung out with. There’s a reason most people would be flashing cameras like crazy from concerts to conventions. And yeah, filters are a fun spice to everyday selfies, but nothing beats the scene in all it’s glory. Ok enough sap, let’s get to some really fun images.


    So I don’t deny being a lot like Sunset in this case. Never bothered with flashy filters just because I like the picture as it is, but this really does cement how different (possibly in age) Sunset is. The only saving grace to make her less alien is that Applejack feels the same way. She not fully old fashioned like Granny Smith, but still more grounded in appreciating the basics of things. If anything, I’m surprised even Twilight was shocked at the revelation of not using a filter when she couldn’t even understand an emoji-based text message. 

    Ok so Applejack’s idea of a filter is basically what most people still love about using a polaroid camera. The idea of something new looking old. Do I confess to using that orange tone filter to take pictures of flowers as a way of trying to be artistic? Nope. Do I confess to doing it out of boredom one day? Yep. But people do like the old timey look to things even if it’s just a filter. Retro is popular, but if you’re like me, who is a 90’s baby and has to relive all the things from the 90’s because old stuff is now cool after 20 years, then just roll with it and live as a teenager for a little while. 

    (Editor’s Note: I know there are people that don’t ship Applejack and Rarity, but just know Rarity referred to Applejack as “sweetheart” and not her usual “darling”. Just saying.)

    Applejack: “I’d never wear a dodecahedron”

    Yeah I had to Google some stuff to make sure of accuracy because I’m knot picky. The only issue is that with a dodecahedron, it’s hard to tell that this is a 12-sided shape when it’s flat like this. But for a dodecahedron, it doesn’t have 12 pentagons than create the shape. Big props to the animators for giving it their all because I am not a fan of math to actually look this up.

    My comment still stands. I won’t repeat myself about the shipping. Just look at the picture. 

    I want to think this is another pink prairie dog as seen from Viva Las Pegasus, but I think it was a lighter pink and this might just be a pink squirrel. Can’t question the animals too much when a purple and green dog is an actual thing. But of course Fluttershy would go with the Flora and Fauna filter. Anybody else surprised? Nope. Let’s move on then.

    Ok I don’t deny this one looking fun to try. And top it off with Applejack’s dry delivery of “yes Rainbow, we’re already in a band” just adds the right amount of silly to this moment. On the bright side, these guys probably won’t be bothered if you grew pony ears and hair extensions while playing on stages. They can get away with being on wires if they start floating and who knows. The audience might appreciate a giant glowing unicorn with rainbow hair. Best light show ever!

    You can thank me later for the nightmare fuel. You don’t need sleep anyway. You just need fish eyed Fluttershy.

    Bird’s eye. Does anybody know any bird eyes that look like this? Because I was going for more anime looking than bird. 

    OH GOD NO! IT’S THE NIGHT OF THE RAINBOW HAIR ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Pretty sure Rarity still has nightmares of it from Best Trends Forever short. And Rainbow Dash has the coconuts to call this “normal hair”. Maybe this filter was just to put your hair on the other people in the picture, but normal hair? Really Dashie? I don’t deny having Applejack’s face in this moment.

    Ok I love Twilight and Sunset for this picture, but guys. Missed opportunity for the Twilight and Pinkie detectives from “MMMystery on the Friendship Express”. Still super cute though. I’m sure Sherlock wouldn’t be able to solve the mysteries of magic in this world, but I’m sure he would’ve tried.


    Yeah this one made me laugh just because I could see someone programming a filter like this. I  think what makes it even sillier is that it’s literally called “Bigfoot Blurry in the Background”. You’re already aware Bigfoot is just gonna photo bomb you one day so why not make a filter for it. Either that or he’s going to get a churro and took the chance to sneak out of the woods. In a world of magic, brainwashing powered artifacts and horse girls, I wouldn’t put it past them to actually have Bigfoot just on vacation from Equestria in the human world. I think my biggest concern is that Fluttershy said “it looks just like him.” Me thinks Flutters has had some meet ups with some of history’s greatest creature features. I wouldn’t be surprised if she treated the Chupacabra to lamb gyros every month.


    I…I wish I had more to add to this moment. But I don’t. G4’s creators still appreciate the generations before it to the point of this design just randomly popping up. I think what’s weird is that the more I stare at this image, the more creeped out I get. But it also makes me wonder what would happen if Spike the dog showed up for this filter. Would he be the G4 dragon, the G1 dragon, or have a pony face like this. Nevermind, I don’t want to imagine that.

    Applejack: What’s this filter called Pinkie?”

    Pinkie: “What filter?”

    And this is what I really like about this short. You can just see and feel everything in the picture when you don’t have a filter on it. Though maybe her party picture had some lighting from the flash, but it really does feel like a picture that came to life. 

    And that was Festival Filters, a simple short that can be as grand as you want to make it out to be. I don’t deny the idea of looking back on pictures and reliving the memories and I’m sure it can be easier done when just seeing the picture and not the bells and whistles around the picture. And leave it to Pinkie Pie to bring up just being in the moment without the filters and appreciating the picture for what it is. And I guess having a party cannon with confetti isn’t so bad either. At least it’s real confetti and not just some clip art on a filter. And it helps to have breath taking sitting areas like this with these circle lights on the ground and the glowing dandelions everywhere. This was such a simple short, but so quaint in a way that gets your feels going. I’m Penny Wrights and maybe I’ll check out some Snapchat filters of my own. Must find the pony one.