• PONY VOCAL CHOPS & Emotion Music: Algo at All - Wonders [Drum & Bass]

    Everyponyyyyy!! I love you aaaaaaall!! Yeah, I'm still so emotional right now after last night's party in Pony Town with everypony who I love so luch like a family! Yes, you all passionate bronies spreading Passion! What better way to continue that emotion than thinking of my beloved bronies and pegasisters while listening to emotional pony music making use of pony vocal chops with love and complementing it with heavenly and emotional melodies, and that just got released NOW?? Algo at All got me and the community covered with this WONDERFUL song Wonders echoing that lovely Flutterspirit that I can relate to so much, and we can feel that distinct emotion from hearing the voices of our beloved ponies once again!! Go comment and show your support to Algo at All everypony!!