• Equestria Girls A Photo Booth Story Episode Follow Up


    There’s nothing more teen like than lots and lots of picture taking. But for six girls trying to get the best pictures and a crazed photographer trying to take the best pictures, nothing beat past references. Just looking through the list of shorts to write about, I didn’t take much of a second glance at the title. It’s simple, yes. But became a little bit more fun the more times I watched it. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to keep every picture as a memory of all the good times. Either that or we should probably stop trying to make Rarity an alicorn. It usually ends up with fire somehow. Let’s take a selfie (ugh…sorry) and see how Photo Finish does with pony girls as her model.


    Can’t say not many people wouldn’t want to get their picture taken looking their fanciest, but for a line like this, I can probably grab a snack and dance a bit before standing around. Also I’m not sure if Photo Finish being the dance photographer was voluntary or if this school really can’t afford to hire someone to do it. I keep going back in my mind about there literally only being two real teachers.


    Awww. Too cute! Glad we get to see more of the CMC together in random moments like this. Too bad Photo Finish was not too impressed. Maybe not a fan of the Cutie Mark Crusaders anthem from Show Stoppers?


    Well this looks like a good photo. Definitely one meant for the 10th Year Class Reunion slideshow when you never want to go to one. Might still be too mundane for Miss Professional photographer though.


    Oh if only Pixel Pizzaz knew the dangers her boss has brought upon her. Six eager girls looking to play dress up for an even more eager photographer. I’m very curious who would’ve worn the lion’s mask for this photo. 


    Well in a flimsy way this could be considered Avant Garde with a lion, a guy with a mustache, an angel, and Ant Man walking into a school dance. Maybe we should stick with something more…in theme? Let’s get some more options going than Halloween dollar store props.


    And here we get our first blast from the past moment on the MMMystery on the Friendship Express. It makes me wonder if Twilight was also having flashbacks of a cake that was demolished and her pony friends lying about it. 


    Well can’t say Rarity doesn’t know how to take a great photo. This was done on a polaroid and yet we got such nice sparkles and lighting. Might be made a little less fancy with the cornucopia in the background, but still a solid 8 out of 10.


    Photo Finish: “Yass Queen!”

    Ok so not every short is exactly perfect, but I’m sure we all have out badly written dialogue moments even in life. I can forgive some things that might be a bit…dated upon re-watches. But I can at least say this was more about what Rarity was wearing and not just tossed in slang for the sake of it.


    Uh oh! I think I see a sneaky plan going into action here. Maybe some RD and AJ shenanigans can turn this photo shoot around?


    And just in the quickest of flashes, the queen has been dethroned…yeah I’m sorry for most puns as well. Can’t say I didn’t find this a bit funny though. Super speed high jinks is always fun to watch, but hard to make screenshots for. And Applejack is always the best with a lasso.


    Remember kids, when doing high speed photo shoots, be sure to keep hydrated. This kind of job can actually be tough. And Pixel Pizazz is an amazing and understanding assistant to keep water bottles ready. 


    And it looks like Detective Pie and Twilight Watson has cracked the case of the Pilfered Picture Perfect Props. And this time Pinkie had proof of it since it just happened right next to them and was in a photograph. 

    (Editor’s Note: I am proud to say it only took me 10 minutes to come up with an alliteration similar to the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness)


    And now we have another throwback moment of the rainbow wings Rarity gets in Season 1’s “Sonic Rainboom”. I’m glad that we didn’t get the heavy make up from that episode here. Might have been a bit much for a high school dance anyway. And I’m a sucker for the jumping freezeframe in this picture. So high school cliché but so much fun.


    Hmmm…hot lighting source, fragile wings and Rarity being absorbed in her attention. This doesn’t feel familiar at all. I can’t imagine this being something dangerous. Anybody ever know the story if Icarus and the wax wings? No? Can someone send that info to Rarity later?


    And once again Rainbow Dash is the one to come in to save a very flammable Rarity from getting hurt. It’s nice that she was able to notice the smoke in time before the smoke alarms went off. Though I don’t know if this takes place before or after Sunset destroyed part of the school with the whole evil magic thing. Guess flaming wings wasn’t going to be the most dangerous thing to happen this night.


    So I’m pretty sure it was a mix of this being her best work and running out of film after all those pictures. But if she’s satisfied, then I guess the line of people still waiting for their pictures to be taken are satisfied as well. Let’s hope they’ll be fine with their phone cameras because it doesn’t seem like Photo Finish is coming back.


    Rarity: “Does this mean I can keep the wings?”

    In a way Rarity, you kept them in a lot of fan art and plushies and in my opinion made you the first magic born alicorn of the series regardless of how brief the moment lasted. Maybe do something about the material though. The burnt parts are not that flattering, and these wings seem to not do well with strong lighting. 

    And that was A Photo Booth Story, a short of throwback moments captured on film in the best ways possible. This was actually fun to watch and get screenshots for, especially when one character is a photographer making it easier on me. I would love to know if this was after the Sunset Shimmer fight with possible fire damage wings being the least of their worries. But this was a fun romp and I loved the references to some great moments. It’s always the simple slice of life shorts that make for a lot of callbacks and continuity. I’m sure Silver Quill would be proud. I’m Penny Wrights and now I have the strange need to hunt down my own polaroid camera for candid fun.