• Rarity Music: Nyancat380 - Spiritual Successor to _RARITY [Glitch-Hop/Dubstep]

    The inspiration from Rarity's voice in the official Korean dub of the show will never stop!! After Mantlegen and Einarx's _RARITY that started it all, its sequel Dirty Gem, and BlackIceMusic's own take Fluffy Marshmallows, master Nyancat380 got to play with Rarity as well, and presents us his own spiritual successor to the community classic. The same lines from the Korean dub of MLP are present and you will be able to hear and feel all the passion from the voice actress once again, along a fun instrumental definitely fitting to the theme. You can find the thumbnail art in Nyancat380's Discord server (and my own SFW edit here).

    This song actually only contains official MLP voices so there's nothing explicit, but still, obvious suggestive(?) content warning (kinda crazy that I have to state that for an official Rarity voice, eh?)
    Also nothing explicit is shown in the thumbnail or video, but still, suggestive art warning.