• The (Potential) Generation 5 My Little Pony Merchandise We Posted Yesterday Has Been Removed From the "My Little Pony" Section


    We can't call this confirmation yet (2 more days until Hasbro's event!( but it's looking like the merhandise that was listed yesterday with these mystery ponies has been removed from the jfabrics website, at least if you search for it under My Little Pony. The page itself is still up.

    What does this mean? There have been so many rumors and flying around for the past day that it's hard to dig through it all. I have a feeling this is it though.

    In other news, I think it's important to note that Hasbro's early merchandise vectors have always been very "off" to say the least. This is initially what threw me off. The style has a lot of potential for cute though, so I think it's a good idea to wait for actual animated content to make any real judgements. Again, two more days!