• Game: Osore - The Desperation (Silent Falleym Reboot) Releases!


    Were you ever a fan of Silent Falleym? Well, the developers have got a surprise for you all as they are here with a reboot that they say improves on the original!

    Check on after the break for a download link as well as screenshots!

    Hello guys! It's 2021, and time to do our first release this year. Osore: The Desperation is a reboot of Silent Falleym. We did change several changes and add many things that Silent Falleym lacked. We won't be open all cards, so better for you to see all with your own eyes.

    The next big news is that we have a new site on the WiX platform for now. The old site did serve us very well, but time is going on, and we need more instruments to control. All this we've received with the new one, besides it's easier to navigate and communicate. So now you can create an account. It's not only cool but and makes communication with you more comfortable for us.

    The old site now works in archive mode and won't be getting any updates. However, all staff there will be left untouched.
    As always, thank you for your support in all these years. 

    Guys, big thanks for your reports to Equestria Daily and Cybertronix Games about insults to us or any other devs. That helps keep the places clean, so if you notice such terrible peoples, immediately report to us or to Equestria Daily. As faster you will do it, the faster we will kick their asses out. Insulting should be stopped.

    Good day everypony! As always, your Cybertronix Games.

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