• Utterly Emotional Fluttershy Music & Trixie Music: Fetlocked - Mashup / Candy Yunagi - Tricks Up My Sleeve

    This is quite a momentous post for me, because I'm presenting you Fetlocked's track "Mashup" (a mashup of WIPs from the musician), that, despite being under 1 minute long, is one of those few special tracks that make me feel otherworldly emotion that I can't describe with words, and tear up instantly every time I listen to it. It was submitted to the latest DustCar race, I tore up so hard during the stream when it played, and again when I re-listened to it. That melodic, extended Fluttershy vocal sample in the background along the deep atmosphere, is so so emotional and it has the same effect as the kind of melodic Flutterchops that are so special to me ever since a certain pony track. I can't be the only one feeling so emotional upon hearing Fluttershy's voice like that, and with this post I want to share this so that potentially others could have a powerful experience with it too! In addition, find linked below Candy Yunagi's contribution Tricks Up My Sleeve that is another of my favorites from that race and such a LOVELY tribute to Trixie, singing in her perspective AND featuring Trixie's vocals too! This is the best!

    Fetlocked's utterly emotional track: Mashup

    Candy Yunagi's tribute to Trixie: Tricks Up My Sleeve