• Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped: Dashing Through the Mall Follow Up


    So much speed shopping…so much shipping…so many references! This short was made for someone like me. Of course something like this would come from Rainbow Dash who tried to pull off a snow day to get out of tests, but wow. That Element of Loyalty isn’t too concrete, isn’t it. And with this taking place in the mall, it’s time for everyone to get out your Background Character Bingo Cards and as always, Derpy is always the free space. So if I were to give this a moral, it would be not to stress too hard on gift getting. If you know your friend well enough, anything you get will probably make them happy. Either that or say you bought it online and it hasn’t arrived yet. But with time working with and against Rainbow Dash, what can she pull out of her head as a gift for her ship…I mean friend? Let’s take a look.

    So not only do we get out obvious theme of gift giving in these few frames, we also get some of our favorite couples and a very random one, too. Always have to include Lyra and Bon Bon, but I’m intrigued by Juniper Montage and her movie theatre boss on a nice outing together. We also gotta include Curly Winds and Wiz Kid doing their gift exchange. And our last couple Celery Stalk and Alizarin Bubblegum with a hint of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia in the back as well. So much shipping power…it brings out the squeals so hard.


    Yeah I think if I seen anybody make this face, I would be concerned as well. But it looks like there’s something that Rainbow Dash must’ve forgotten. No surprised. 


    Aww that’s actually sweet that they did a Secret Santa… I mean Secret Present Switcheroo. But somehow this rainbow haired teenager didn’t check her messages and actually forgot to get a present for Fluttershy. How do you even forget something like that? And I do love the custom wrapping everyone did for their present. Not wrapped like the person who was getting the present, but as the person giving the present. 


    Fluttershy: “Remember? We pulled names out of Applejack’s boot when she forgot her hat.”

    See, out of everything from this show that I am willing to go along, Applejack ever, EVER forgetting her hat is the most unlikely to me. But her having a lucky boot and being proud of that lucky boot, I would believe in a heartbeat. 


    Ah yes. Another great ship in passing. I don’t know why or how this happened, but I just really love seeing these two together. I can see Derpy being sweet and Bulk Biceps being overly protecting. It’s just so pleasant. 


    Guys, for the last time. Don’t put glasses over glasses. You’ll scratch them up. Twilight, what happened to not doing things other people would imitate? How hard is it to just take off the other glasses and put on the new ones? And Rainbow Dash looks just as peeved as I do (pardon my language).


    So along with Rainbow dashing through the mall (I’m sorry. The title made me do it), we get some CMC action along with Lyra and Bon Bon probably bragging about the gifts they got each other. And somehow Big Mac is in the back just doing a jig. No idea for what reason. Just some form of dance like movement. 


    Now we got more random cameos like Timber and his sister Gloriosa. For my shipping purposes, I’m gonna say Gloriosa is helping Timber find a gift for Twilight. That’s my head canon and I’m sticking to it. We also have Raggamuffin from Spring Breakdown in the top right corner, who I’m pretty sure is taking a break from being on ships after the whole nearly sinking thing and the girl he was flirting with turned into a horse girl. I also feel bad that Rainbow Dash didn’t get the memo that a lot of people do last minute shopping so lines would be an actual thing to happen.


    And in the mist of turmoil, a shining light erects itself from the shadows to help our lost shopper get into one of the stores. Unfortunately, that light is Fluttershy’s younger brother Zephyr Breeze. Well…can’t say I didn’t remember him the moment I saw him. He’s one of those shoe horned siblings for the Mane 6 like Shining Armor was to Twilight. But at least with Zephyr I can see why Fluttershy wouldn’t want to tell her friends about him. But he’s Dash’s only hope for a present for Fluttershy. And from the looks of her face, she knows it too.


    Well it’s good to know not everything has changed. Zephyr can’t even remember the slogan for the store he works for. I can definitely see him getting fired from place to place due to messing up a register or not unloading boxes of products. But until he does get fired eventually, let’s see what he can come up with for her sister’s friend.


    Well I can’t say I don’t understand Dash’s dilemma here. She’s not one to call someone a friend if they’re not a friend, but she has to be somewhat tolerable to Zephyr to find a good present. We also get a cut out of Daring Do as played by Chestnut Magnifico from the Movie Magic special. Glad Dash was in her right headspace, otherwise I think she would’ve bought that, too.


    Zephyr: “Follow me, m’lady”

    …I have no words. I just don’t. I think Rainbow Dash’s face sums it up pretty well. I can admit to having a cringe laugh when seeing deprecating humor like this. The fidget spinners, the fedora, saying “m’lady”. Just seeing the picture gives me goosebumps, but seeing this face on Rainbow Dash makes it a little more worth it. 


    So our first option is a high tech basketball hoop that also yells at you to “get gud” when you miss. Great gift for Rainbow Dash, but not really for a Fluttershy. Are we absolutely sure this guy is related to Fluttershy? I need a DNA test brought in.


    A pony looking staff and/or wand. Well I can imagine a certain purple alicorn princess loving it, but since she’s probably still got the Twi-cepter still with her, I think we can take a hard pass on this one.


    Well I can’t say a VR headset wouldn’t be something Fluttershy wouldn’t like if she gets into gaming like Sunset Shimmer. Sadly there’s no woodlands or fluffy animals in this set up. But maybe not introduce her to VR Chat. It gets a little weird in there.


    A device that let’s you high five if you’re really far away or if you’re really short. Ok I’m convinced. We have to be in the cartoon equivalent of a Spencer’s Gifts. This type of thing can only be a gag gift you would find at Spencer’s right next to coffee mugs with “Life’s a Beach” written on it. Who would even buy something like this?


    Well…I stand corrected. There really is an audience for items like this and I know if Snails and Snips is in that audience, I think it would be time to leave. Even Dash is just confused and dumbfounded by this moment and I can’t blame her.


    Zephyr: “Get someone something they’d never get themselves.”

    An instant camera shaped like a bunny and it's pink. By Celestia I think we’ve got something here. And Zephyr even knew she would like it since Fluttershy’s last camera broke last year and really wanted another one. And we even get some great advice out of Zephyr for once. I think this is why I find his character so interesting. He’s got flaws for days, but when he really puts the effort in, he can actually be really caring.


    When most of your friends know you did something at the last second, this is literally the faces you would see. It doesn’t help that it was wrapped in newspaper with a cheap ribbon on it, but it’s still the thought that counts, right? Someone agree with me so Rarity and Applejack can stop starring daggers into me. At least Fluttershy looks open to this gift wrapping idea.


    So to reiterate, Zephyr can be caring when he puts his mind to it. But that phrase can only last for so long. It seems he knew Fluttershy would like this gift since he got her the exact same camera last year. I’m glad Rainbow Dash was quick to apologize, but since Fluttershy can do two angled shots with two cameras, she’s happier than ever. But now that this plot is over, everybody want to see what the rest of them got? No? Too bad! Keep scrolling!!!


    Pretty sure Pinkie has full sized party cannons of her own, but I’m glad Applejack thought of a more subtle, less illegal looking version. Pretty sure you can’t always bring a cannon to places.


    Yeah this would be the perfect gift for Rainbow Dash and the perfect person to make it. A jersey with the Number 1 on it just screams Rainbow Dash. I just love how proud Rarity looks about it since I’m pretty sure she made it and held back on putting rhinestones all over it. Good just RaRa.


    So you know how really close friends and couples have inside jokes with each other? Yes I’m still on my shipping routine. But I’m glad this fuzzy parakeet made a comeback as Sunset’s gift to Twilight after the Rollercoaster of Friendship had them going crazy over it. Maybe Sunset actually went back to that park to win it fair and square without the Flim Flam Bros. running the booth.


    Of course Fluttershy would get Applejack a golden hammer. And just because of that, I better see some Applejack dressed as Fix-It Felix from Wreck it Ralph because everything about that is greatness.


    So not only does Pinkie Pie watch Sunset’s stream featuring Fluttershy in “Game Stream”, she even got her the sequel to the squirrel game that made her rage out. Oh the look on Sunset’s face while looking at this cover just screams “my fans are gonna make me play this, aren’t they.” And it looks like Fluttershy wouldn’t mind playing the sequel as well. 


    Ok enough. Stop with the callbacks already! Now we got the book series Adventures of Shadow Spade from the episode “Rarity Investigates”. And of course it had to come from Twilight. Maybe it’s the bookworm thing, but every Twilight in this show always finds the best books for her friends whether it’s this one for Rarity or pony Twilight introducing The Daring Do series to Rainbow Dash in “Read It and Weep”. I think Silver Quill has long since passed out from all this use of continuity. What a better end to all this gift giving this this short.


    Snails: “Friendship means never having to say High Five.”

    You’re gonna make me do this show? You’re really gonna make me admit this was heart stopping adorableness? Ok fine. This got a laugh and a tear out of me. This was just too sweet and wholesome. And just to add on to it, you had to have Snails crying at the great gift they got each other. You win this time around creators. 

    And that was Dashing Through the Mall, a common trope short but made even more fun with the random assortment of characters and gift giving moments. This was just such fun to watch and notice things in the background. I put in most of the stuff I noticed after a second and third re-watch, but there was still new stuff I was finding. This idea of last-minute shopping isn’t a new one, but in the end, it usually comes with some sappy way of not ending it how you would expect. I like Zephyr still being his lazy and uncomfortable self and even when he’s not the best, he’s one of my favorite characters to talk about when talking about Fluttershy. Seeing the other gifts everyone got for each other was also fun with all the references and callbacks to other shorts. I am truly a sucker for ships and references. I’m Penny Wrights and I think I’ll do some online shopping myself and surprise myself with a gift of my own.