• PonyCon Holland 2021 Opens Ticket Sales Soon!


    While the convention season is still on hold for now, cons are getting preperations in order for their 2021 editions.

    PonyCon Holland, taking place in Zeist, The Netherlands, will soon open their ticket sales for their 2021 edition. You can find the announcement here or below the break!

    Hello everypony!

    The ticket sales for PonyCon Holland will open today at 8 pm CET! Get your tickets here: https://ponyconholland.com/tickets.

    The tickets, especially the higher tiers, are not limitless. So get your ticket fast if you don’t want to miss out! Explanations about the specifics of our different types of tickets can be found on the website, https://ponyconholland.com/tickets.

    We are of course also on the lookout for volunteers, vendors and community guests. Application forms were made to apply for these positions. We will contact you within a month after you have filled in a form. All of these forms can now be found on our website: https://ponyconholland.com/applications. You’ll find forms for vendors and community guests here as well.

    We also have created a discord server to share your enthusiasm and to get in touch with other people who are involved with PonyCon Holland. Click the following link to join!


    We, of course, do realize that the pandemic isn’t over yet. However, some countries have already started the vaccinations and things are finally starting to look up again. Therefore we’ve decided to go through with the convention on the original planned dates, June 5&6 2021. We are aware that there is still a risk that PonyCon Holland has to get postponed anyway. But do not fear, if we do have to move the convention the tickets you buy now will still be valid for the new dates or you can get a refund if you prefer that. We can assure you that PonyCon Holland will happen, no matter what! We do however advise you to book your travels and stay with the option to cancel.

    The venue where the convention will be held is also a hotel, so take a look at the page about our venue on our website if you wish to book a room with them: https://ponyconholland.com/the-venue/. Be sure to use booking code 3044004 when you do so.

    With very excited greetings,

    The organisation team of PonyCon Holland