• Friendship Music: char - chill beats to dustcar to [Friendship Hop]

    Giving love to many existing pony songs and remixes by sampling them, expressing sweet feelings in the description, and contributing to the latest completed DustCar race with a very heartfelt and emotional track, char definitely did wonderful! And I SO agree with this part:

    "There’s something that I feel is reflective of the show: how early pony musicians made music because they loved to, and yet in such ignorance of what is “correct” musical practice. You know there’s something really human to me about music purely as a form of expression. I think its this expression and the artistic ideas that always come through, more than anything else."

    By the way, the theme of the ongoing new DustCar compo is "Humans and Equestria", so go go pony musicians, show the world your passion and creativity while following up on that interesting theme!