• New Toastbeards-like Project For Brony Musicians! DustCars: Bi-monthly Compos with Sync-listens!

    For the musicians among you interested in new challenges and most importantly, in partaking in the fun of bi-monthly compos themed around specific topics (much like Toastbeards back in the day), a new project has been unveiled and you can join now: DustCars. Two "races" per month, one with a specific pony topic and the other one with a specific non-pony topic. You can participate with music that you made following the topic, and even if it's not finished or not the best quality, it will be included in the sync-listen of all the submissions! The goal is to have fun with fellow brony musicians and also to give you inspiration and motivation. And it's good practice, too! Check it out if you're interested!

    Join the official Discord server of DustCar here.
    Official tweet of the announcement here.