• 39 Songs to Listen to For Pinkie Pie Day!

    39 songs have been corralled up for tonight if you need something to listen to. Assuming you can handle that much Pinkie Pie. Maybe we should turn this into a challenge post instead. 

    Go listen below.


    [1] Source
    Foozogz - ,~*Smile!*~, (Rmx VIP) by Foozogz

    [2] Source
    Smile Song (Remix) by The Living Tombstone

    [3] Source
    [PMV] The Massive Smile Project Music Video | BronyDanceParty by BronyDanceParty

    [4] Source
    Alex S - Party With Pinkie VIP by Alex S.

    [5] Source
    General Mumble - She's a Pony by Mumble Etc.

    [6] Source
    General Mumble - She's A Pony [WoodenToaster Remix] by WoodenToaster

    [7] Source
    Omnipony - She's An Alarm Clock (She's A Pony Remix) by OMNIPONY

    [8] Source
    The Gypsy Bard - Extended (Unofficial/Fanmade) by SAFR Projects

    [9] Source
    The Living Tombstone | Gypsy Bard [remix] by olibacon

    [10] Source
    Pinkie's Brew (Extended Version) by SherclopPones

    [11] Source
    Pinkie's Brew Russian Gypsy Jazz (2017) by Lenich & Kirya

    [12] Source
    Assertive Fluttershy - Boooring! by Assertive

    [13] Source
    Love Is A Yummy S'more by discontinued channel

    [14] Source
    The Real Pink Pony - Eminem Parody [Pinkie Covers] by Deleted Pony Songs

    [15] Source
    Laughter - Original MLP Music by AcoustiMandoBrony by AcoustiMandoBrony

    [16] Source
    MLP Fighting is Magic - Pinkie Pie Theme by WhitetailMusic

    [17] Source
    Shatter (Curse of Pinkamina) by LaRaikaa

    [18] Source
    WoodenToaster - Pinkie's Lie by WoodenToaster

    [19] Source
    SoGreatandPowerful : Pinkie Pie Swear by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [20] Source
    MLP - Make a Wish (Remix) - ┬ÁThunder and EpicLPer by The Living Tombstone

    [21] Source
    Play Like Pinkie Pie by shiropoint

    [22] Source
    PinkiePieSwear - Giggle at the Ghostly (Simple Joy Mix) by Matt R

    [23] Source
    4everfreebrony - Here On The Moon (ft. Faux Synder and Emily Jones) by 4everfreebrony

    [24] Source
    4everfreebrony - Chant of Mirth (ft. Chi-Chi & Relative1Pitch) [ALBUM RELEASE] by 4everfreebrony

    [25] Source
    [Music Video] 4everfreebrony - Giggles & Gumdrops (2019) [PMV by Gray Fur] by 4everfreebrony

    [26] Source
    General Mumble - FOREVER by Mumble Etc.

    [27] Source
    Silva Hound ft. Rina-chan - Hooves Up High by Silva Hound

    [28] Source
    Flutter Rex - Pinkamena's Return by FlutterRex

    [29] Source
    The L-Train ft. Vannamelon - Making Cupcakes (Sweating Bullets parody) by L-TRAIN

    [30] Source
    Something Broke: The Continuing Tale Of Pinkie Pie and Ponycide by Montana McCarthy

    [31] Source
    General Mumble - Ponyville Murder Party by Mumble Etc.

    [32] Source
    H O R S E P A R T Y by PVNK

    [33] Source
    Spikey Wikey - Party's Over VIP [Gabber] by Cider Party

    [34] Source
    PrinceWhateverer - This Party Never Ends (Ft. Blackened) [Pony Life] by PrinceWhateverer

    [35] Source
    PrinceWhateverer ft. The Living Tombstone - Pinkies Parties by PrinceWhateverer

    [36] Source
    Blaze - Pinkie's Cocainum by Blaze Music Archive

    [37] Source
    Dijit - Pink Fuzz [Electro House] by Ponies At Dawn

    [38] Source
    Feryl DeMarco - Cyan Eyed by Feryl

    [39] Source
    One Track Mind - Giggle by One Track Mind