• My Little Pony G5 News Continues from Hasbro's Panel at the Festival of Licensing

    The Festival of Licensing brought on a full Hasbro brand panel that revealed a bunch of stuff about various IP's they control. From the pony front, the news was a bit short, but they still revealed a few interesting things that confirm information about generation 5 of My Little Pony. 

    One brand new nugget of information in particular is the possible return of the "Old cast". This could mean oldschool ponies, or just the mane 6. They won't me the focus of this new generation, but they will be featured along with them, most likely as incidental characters. The actual focus of the story for G5 will be a new cast characters. 

    Outside of that, Pony Life was finally aannounced to debut this month. It's kind of irrelevent since it already fully aired in Canada, but networks like Discovery Family will be showing it now too. We probably won't be doing weekly posts for it until they start popping it up on Youtube, so keep an eye out for that instead! 

    Thanks to Quentin, Jordan, and everyone else for the heads up.