• 38 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Rarity Day

    Fanfic time! We've got 38 for you all to read for Rarity's big day today.

    This does not include fics from the last few Rarity days, so find those here:

    Thanks to Whisper Key for gathering them!

    Slice of Life

    by wishcometrue


    Twilight Sparkle stops by Carousel Boutique for a perfectly ordinary teatime with Rarity.

    Rarity knows it's anything but.

    Words Left Said 
    by Twinkletail


    After the Rainbow Festival, Rarity's got a bit on her mind, and that bit involves Kerfuffle, the talented pegasus who helped her with the festival's design. She, however, has been a bit distant in the hours since the party got underway.

    Second Place Trophies 
    by KorenCZ11


    When Rarity was a filly, she always had dreams of growing up to be a star of the stage, a masterful player of the piano, and the center of attention. As time went by though, something just never clicked. What we wish for and what we're able to accomplish are often two different things.

    by Baal Bunny


    For as long as Rarity's operated Carousel Boutique, Pinkie Pie has come popping in at random intervals for random reasons. And that's fine: she's Pinkie Pie, after all.

    Lately, however, Pinkie's visits seem to have become quieter, less frenetic, even relaxing to a certain extent. Rarity begins to wonder if something's going on.

    Noblesse Applige 
    by FanOfMostEverything


    Each of the Bearers of Harmony came to that first Grand Galloping Gala with a dream in her heart and dreadfully few relevant facts in her mind. Rarity dreamt of finding her Prince Charming. She knew his name, appearance, and not much else.

    But in this timeline, one of her friends has her back.

    Ladies Don't Freak Out 
    by paleowriter


    Rarity has a rather unladylike moment of panic when she thinks Spike has moved away without telling her. Twilight is amused.

    The Art of the Derp 
    by ObabScribbler


    The Spring is Sprung Feast is a yearly tradition in Ponyville, full of food, fun and dancing into the early hours of the morning. Derpy asks Rarity for help 'dressing to impress' when Cloud Kicker sets her sights on Time Turner as her date, but Rarity finds that she gets more from helping the clumsiest pony in town than mere job satisfaction.

    Critical and Apathetic 
    by Tranquil Serenity


    Sweetie Belle hasn't come home yet, it's getting dark, and her older sister is worried. Where is she? Is she alright? What happened to her? And just what will Rarity do when her questions are answered?

    There's Something in the Woods 
    by HoofBitingActionOverload


    One night every month, Rarity creeps out of her house and sneaks unseen into the Everfree Forest. Her saddlebags are full and her destination is secret. She is going in search of The Witch, and Rarity will find her. But some monsters we create ourselves and others aren't monsters at all.

    True Colors 
    by A Hoof-ful of Dust


    Manehattan leaves its hoofprint on everypony who ventures into it.

    by Vexy


    This dress is magnificent, breathtaking, beautiful. This dress is perfect in every way.
    But this dress is still incomplete.


    The Time Killer 
    by Silent Whisper


    Pinkie's trying to solve a murder, but other things keep distracting her. Like Rarity. And the missing corpse. And Rarity.

    The Good Parents 
    by PapierSam


    Rarity and Rainbow Dash pose as Sweetie Belle’s parents in the age-old story of I-can’t-let-my-parents-talk-to-my-teacher-they’ll-ground-me-for-life.

    But things, of course, get worse in the not-so-sensible way before they get better – the good better.

    The Marshmallow Problem 
    by Karkadinn


    Rarity comes to Twilight to confess a bizarre secret that will change how Twilight sees her forever. Can Twilight handle it like a seemingly normal, completely well-adjusted and mature pony? Can she even BELIEVE it? (The answers are no, and yes, respectively.)

    The Interview 
    by Monochromatic


    As part of her search for somepony to assist her with legal matters, Twilight spends most of her time interviewing potential candidates. When this results in her neglecting her friends, Rarity decides to take matters into her own hooves.

    By which she means getting a job interview with Twilight and acting as unprofessionally as possible.

    Parlez-vouz Prançais? 
    by Scotters


    Rarity Teaches Rainbow Dash Prench.

    Rarity Gets Drunk and Talks to an Apple 
    by Paulicus


    After a stressful week at the boutique, Rarity decides to unwind at a local drinking establishment. Things quickly get out of hand.

    "A gripping tale of mystery and intrigue!" - No one ever

    "Love, laughter, tears. This story has it all!" - Don't quote me on that

    "One of the seminal works of our generation. Truly a masterpiece." - Voice in my head

    "You're adopted." - My mother


    But With a Whimper 
    by Undome Tinwe


    Rarity and Sunset say goodbye to each other as their marriage comes to an end.

    Fifteen Pages 
    by NaiadSagaIotaOar


    A princess from a magical land, with fiery hair, ruby lips and eyes that could melt stone. Rarity's diary reads like a fairytale. But something we tend to forget as we grow is how rarely fairytales end happily.

    The Secret Life of Rarity
    by BronyWriter


    Everypony in Ponyville is happy, carefree, and content with their life on the whole... except one. Rarity harbors a dark, murderous secret. She is Equestria's only active serial killer. She has to balance her fashion life, her friends, and her murderous urges as best as she can. This is the story of her mind.

    The Price of Generosity 
    by gmen15


    After her face and body are permanently scarred, Rarity seals herself off in her room with the lights off and drapes drawn, too disgusted by her own appearance to be seen. The only comfort she has comes in the form of daily visits from Spike, though she keeps the room dark to hide her deformities from the baby dragon. Can he convince her that she has nothing to fear; that her beauty is not limited to what she looks like?

    Forsaken Shores
    by garatheauthor


    After Equestria's defeat at the hands of Sombra, their navy fled in an effort to evade capture. Years later, this forsaken fleet scours the world in an effort to survive, grow, and eventually get the power necessary to reclaim their homeland.

    Rarity has heard many tales of the doomed Equestrian fleet, but dreaded the day those ships would visit her homeland.

    Shadow Over Ponyville
     by Ciroton


    Some things are meant to remain secret; to forever toil in the shadows behind a smiling facade of playfulness and friendship. Rarity happens across such a secret one star-filled night, but can she steer towards the light, or with the intoxicating and seductive brew of power overcome her judgement? After all, that which should be feared the most is the friendly pony with the dagger behind their back.

    by Azure-Spark


    When a couple of ponies stumble across a massive deposit of crystals and gems beneath the Everfree Forest, something doesn't feel quite right. As much as Rarity wants to, Twilight insists they cannot just dig them up and put them on display. They need to be examined and studied just to make sure it's safe. So they both head home empty-hooved, much to Rarity's dismay.

    But her mind keeps drifting back. A little visit couldn't hurt, right? She just wants to look, stare into their beauty. Their wonderful, magnificent beauty.

    At some point, one crosses the line between curiosity and intrigue, and falls straight into obsession.


    by Undome Tinwe


    On a cold rainy evening in Canterlot, Professor Twilight Sparkle takes shelter in a familiar store, and comes face to face with a woman from her own past.

    Getting it Right 
    by kits


    Rarity can be very patient. Part of getting what you want the way you want is biding your time and bringing other ponies around to see what should be obvious. Rainbow Dash was never very good at seeing what should be obvious. But even Equestria's densest mare got the hint eventually.

    Rarity is very patient. She keeps her calm as a lady should. Even if their date was to start two hours ago. Why she ever said yes to that scruffy boor of a pegasus is anypony's guess.

    Perfectly Imperfect 
    by Baal Bunny


    In the swirl of events surrounding her accession to the Equestrian throne, Twilight seems mostly concerned that Fluttershy may have developed a crush on her. Fortunately, Rarity's there for her.

    Rarity will always be there for her.

    by Undome Tinwe


    Rarity discovers a pattern in her relationship with Twilight, and wonders what she may have given up for love.

    The Sphinx's Riddle 
    by Monochromatic


    Rarity had always known she would have an arranged marriage—such was the life of a princess, after all. She just hadn't expected her wife to be a sphinx or that she would actively avoid her, and not just because she loves books.

    Ship of Fools 
    by Hap


    Everypony on Rarity’s ship is in love with someone impossible. Some earn their fortune and go back to claim their love. Others find love along the way, or outgrow their crush and move on.

    Rarity? She’s in love with the sky.

    Solitude for the Modern Businessmare
    by Fahrenheit


    Ladies do not avoid their problems. If a lady finds herself facing down a lonely Hearts & Hooves Day, she should smile and gracefully accept her lot in life, patiently trusting that more enjoyable times are on the way.

    A lady certainly doesn't chase a stranger down the dreary streets of Canterlot, even if that stranger does turn out to be the Madam Inspector of the Equestrian Games. Loneliness and creative distress are no excuse for wild behavior. A lady should know better.

    But Rarity has never been just a lady.

    The Princess's Choice 
    by Monochromatic


    Much to Princess Rarity's displeasure, her father has decided it's time the young princess selects her lifelong bodyguard. She honestly finds the entire process rather dreadful. She's supposed to pick a bodyguard based on strength alone? What if they're boring? What if they have nothing in common?

    Even with Fluttershy there, Rarity is convinced she's going to be bored out of her mind... Until her curiosity is piqued when she notices a quite cute soldier who just can't put her book down.

    Teach Me Beauty, Teach Me Grace 
    by PropMaster


    Rarity helps Cheerilee remember that she is an amazing mare.


    by Jarvy Jared


    One morning, Rarity discovers a strand of gray hair in her mane. It shouldn't bother her, not really; after all, it was bound to happen at some point or another. But when she begins to see the signs of aging appearing on most of her friends, she is forced to confront a harsh truth about life, and what that means for the future.

    Belle and Cortland 
    by garatheauthor


    When the dusters wiped out Applejack's orchard and the economic collapse, Rarity's business, bank robbing started to look like a pretty appealing career choice.

    Neither really thought they'd become the greatest crime duo in history, however.

    Sundowner Season 
    by Cherax


    With a heavy heart and an empty journal, Rarity heads north.


    The Bonding Stone
    by Some1Else


    Rarity’s schedule is booked. A commission for a wedding dress is nothing new, but finding the right gift for Spike’s upcoming birthday party leads her into three chaotic quests that take her across Equestria and into a locale beyond time and space. All the while, an unlikely ally is at her side ready to help with the gift and the dress. At her expense.

    The Art of the Duel 
    by Undome Tinwe


    Blades are drawn and passions ignite when Twilight the Student catches Lady Rarity stealing a book from the Forbidden Archives.