• More Pony Music! Originals & Remixes from the Community!

    Find 13 other pony songs and remixes in this post, including a remix of the BGM from the show Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading, a Cumbiastep track, a track about the S5 finale, and more!
    Did you watch the latest Pony Life episodes by the way? Awesome stuff and references! And I'm hoping that some pony musician could make a remix or extended version of the amazing Jazz-like BGM from Whoof-dunnit!

    1. Silva Hound - Hooves Up High (feat. Rina-Chan) (Drago Cheese Remix)
    Vocal - Chillout
    A dreamy, smooth, nostalgic all the way remix of the classic!


    2. Altius Volantis - Scars I Used To Wear
    Instrumental - Chillout
    Altius' own song made to move on from yesterday! (reference intended) Like many of us, I can relate to having "scars", so let's do our best to live with them and support and be nice to each other!


    3. Nyancat380 - Feeling Fine
    Vocal - Cumbiastep
    New hard-hitting and delightfully experimental track from Nyancat380!


    4. Vylet Pony - Cozy Pone
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    Vylet's take at Lo-fi is definitely very cozy around the fire!


    5. RedWire - Out Of Time
    Instrumental - Electronic
    A song made about the S5 finale and all the time travels, and being Out Of Time!


    6. Ethan Toavs - Anthem of Equestria
    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral
    Ethan is putting the "Epic" in "Epic Orchestral" a lot lately, with such use of choirs! Not that I'm complaining!


    7. Daniel Ingram - I've Got to Find a Way (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    New Rod Steven upload, new Eurobeat remix!


    8. Replacer - Swim
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    A song about swimming as stated in the description, featuring Replacer's OC and part of A State of Sugar Chocolate!


    9. SmD House - Full of Hope
    Instrumental - Chillout
    SmD House's new original song has their signature musical style written all over it once again!


    10. William Anderson - Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading (Toby Macarony Remix)
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    An awesome and very appreciated remix of a BGM we're all familiar with from Toby, part of Shenanigans Two!


    11. Zythiria - Dreams
    Instrumental - Chillout/Lounge
    Zythiria's contribution to A State of Sugar Chocolate was repurposed to be about Luna, and it does fit her well!

    12. To Smile! - Little Flames
    Instrumental - Rock
    With a renamed channel, Rinnie shows us how it's done with a progression of guitar riffs born from the flames of Twilight's mane when she gets really angry!

    13. FrøstFyre - Let's Rave
    Instrumental - Electronic
    A simple yet nostalgic Vinyl-themed track!


    loophoof - Live at HarmonyCon 2020
    HittCell - ASoS Guest Mix #4

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!