• Pony Con Feelings Music: DoTheDaringDew - We Were Here [Soft Rock]

    Dewie just released a masterpiece of music and pony emotions, acting as a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to pony con experiences, and calling for us to reflect on them too. See my wall of text comment on the song to get an idea of how much I love it, although words are not enough to express how much I appreciate heartfelt and meaningful works like these. Not only the message and heart behind it, but the music in itself is quite amazing, and those have got to be the best vocals from Dewie that I've ever heard. And when you think that they have so much relatable feelings behind them, it just blows you away... and makes for a certain emotion, of brony spirit and love toward fellow bronies, that is just... beyond words. But you may know what I'm talking about! Come here everypony... *group hug with all of you* I love you all so much!!