• New Counter Response to The Atlantic's Brony Nazi Article from Quillete, Focuses on NSFW Instead

    We were originally going to just move on from this one, but since so many people are bringing it up, it's probably disingenuous to ignore it. After The Atlantic's article a few days ago, another news organization has decided to pick up the story and bring on an alternate perspective. They dig into the numbers in specific over on derpi, citing that while there are racist images, they are a tiny fraction of the overall content.Instead, Quillete focuses on how much explicit material there is, and how much it greatly outnumbers the political drawings.

    Consider it an alternate outlook on the topic.

    As a general warning, they do get pretty NSFW in their language. If "clop" bothers you, steer clear. 

    Read it over here. 

    Thanks to beans, Forcling, and everyone else for sending it.