• 'The Atlantic' Has Posted an Article About Nazis In the Brony Fandom

    Ponies are in the news again for... something completely different this time around! The Atlantic has written up an article all about the "dark side" of the fandom, and for once it's not focused on the mountains of NSFW art we usually see the media pick up on when they focus on the weirder sides of pony.

    Apparently there is a cluster of bronies that are a bit less interested in that old "love and tolerance" mantra that used to be announced constantly in the early days. The Atlantic has noted that bronies have a Nazi, or more specifically racist problem buried in our happy little halls. They also dive into the downvote raids on Derpibooru in regards to pro-BLM imagery being posted there, and the overall response to that.

    You can read the article over here.

    Thanks to Robert, Ronald, and everyone else for sending it.