• The Art Director For Ponly Life Did a Short Q&A On Twitter Yesterday - Here Are the Responses

    New Show, new staff to follow! Alex Vetter over on Twitter is the art director for Pony Life, and she decided to do a quick Q&A for people who were curious about some of the choices Pony Life made on the art side, as well as the lore overall.

    I went ahead and capped it all. Check the responses out below!

    On Cutie Marks: 

    On Favorite pony and art direction's difference from Friendship is Magic: 

    On Applejack:

    On the Background Styles and colors:

    On Pony Life's relation to Friendship is Magic: 

    On a Background Pony: 

    Biggest Challenge of Pony Life: 

    Pony Life's Official Generation: 

    On comparisons to Teen Titans Go: 

    On animation errors: 

    On Episode Lengths: 

    On Production Time: 

     On Art Directing in General:

    On Human Technology in pony Life: 

    Pony Life's Genre: 

    On an Over-arching Storyline: