• More Pony Music! Covers, Hip Hop, Deathstep!

    Here we are once more, a new roundup of the awesome things that pony musicians have made! So much variety, and so many creative covers and remixes. The pony music scene is definitely as thriving as ever!

    1. Voltex Pixel - A Step To Cross
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    A cute new original track by Voltex Pixel with pony vocal chops, both uplifting and hard-shitting with those drops!

    2. Yuru - Cloudscape
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    Punchy yet very relaxing and reflective, this new track by Yuru aka Redstone Brony is definitely beautiful just like the video art!

    3. Yellow Tune & Exiark - Everfree Forest (feat. Melody Bird) (Yellow Tune Remix)
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    Out of nowhere, Yellow Tune released a VIP of sorts of the original Everfree Forest, that sure is banging!

    4. Nyancat380 - Ritual
    Instrumental - Riddim/Deathstep
    The "king of deathstep" as somepony in the comments said, Nyancat380 definitely provided with this new gritty and awesome experiment!

    5. Ardeleiz - Sunshine and Celery Stalks (Covering PinkiePieSwear)
    Vocal - Country
    A very unique and appreciated cover of the classic from Ardeleiz, using his signature vocal style! Also check out other recent releases by Ardeleiz, P♂Gang♂ and Queen♂Of♂Their♂Hearts♂!

    6. FenPony - Halcyon
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    FenPony shared an original song written in 2018 and expressing some personal feelings about the show and the community, which make it quite heartfelt!

    7. Pony Abstract - Canterlot (Prod. Drixale)
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Another Hip Hop track written in 2018 and shared today, and that is expressing personal feelings too! The parallel with Canterlot ponies is lovely!

    8. Glaze - Beyond Her Garden (Koa Remix)
    Vocal - House
    Quite a fresh and unique take on the classic by Koa, and the vocals are just so amazing along the punchy beats!

    9. Rinnie - Celestia's Ballad (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Vocal - Rock
    How Rinnie covered the rising melodic part at the end of the song with the keyboards is just such a bliss!

    10. Jonny Music & Yensid Organist - Open Up Your Eyes (Organ Cover)
    Instrumental - Organ
    The duo did it again! Arranging then performing Open Up Your Eyes on such a mighty organ, they definitely did awesome and this just sounds so epic, like the song was meant to be covered on organ!

    11. RottenTotten - Goldenblood
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    RottenTotten's FoE Project Horizons-inspired piece definitely reflects much thoughts, as "every instrument, every layer" is meant to represent something as explained in the video!

    12. Vylet Pony - do you remember the song she sang?
    Instrumental - Ambient
    Story-telling in morse code in this new creative track by Vylet, heralding a new EP!

    Omake/Bonus: Drummershy - Bats (Drum Cover)

    Themisto97 made a playlist of his personal "best remixes of nearly every MLP FiM song in chronological order"! Check out the playlist here.

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!