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    • Will Sunset Stay in the Human World or Go Back to Equestria?
    • New Types of Dragons
    • Cirrostratan Pegasi and the fandom
    • Where's Derpy?

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    Will Sunset Stay in the Human World or Go Back to Equestria?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So we all know that Sunset Shimmer, formerly Princess Celestia’s personal student moved to the human world and well what with her hard time at first has really made a brand new home there with many friends and as seen in the specials and shorts has her own residence in the human world. However would Sunset ever consider one day going back to Equestria and staying there? Would she ever miss her years growing up as a pony?

    Now again Sunset has found a new home in the human world and has a pretty good place there, so I guess the obvious answer would be she wouldn’t move back to Equestria. However I would like to argue that there is a possibility Sunset could go back to Equestria and stay there, to leave the human world for the last time.

    For starters, what about Sunset’s original pony family? Her parents and if she had any, siblings? I once saw a theory that Sunset and Sunburst are related, maybe even siblings, to each other. (Which I can totally see and agree with) Does Sunset ever think about them and wonder if she should go back so she can reconnect with them in the same way she reunited with Celestia?

    And it’s not like Sunset wouldn’t be welcomed, as Forgotten Friendship showed, Princess Celestia forgave and embraced her former student. (One of the best moments from EQG, hooves down!) And with Equestria now under Twilight’s rule, Twilight would show the same welcome to Sunset and maybe even help her settle in back in Canterlot.

    Now of course if Sunset were to leave the human world to go back to Equestria to stay there, she would of course be leaving behind all her friends that she got to know overtime. It would be a hard choice to make and well while Sunset’s friends may not accept it at first, I think they would understand and wish Sunset a good life back in her original home.

    In fact if EQG did continue production and not have Holidays Unwrapped be the last we see from EQG, I would imagine that the story there would end with the girls graduating from Canterlot High and then Sunset deciding whether or not to continue on to college in the human world or go back to Equestria, being all homesick for her original home. It would have made a very satisfying ending and would give as much weight as well… The Friendship is Magic ending had.

    But oh well… I guess there’s only fan speculations on what the future holds for Sunset and what path she would take!

    Cirrostratan Pegasi and the fandom

    There has a sub-race of ponies that have been capturing my attention for a while now, and that is the “Corrostratan” pegasi that are only mentioned in the Daring Do book “Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds’- i.e. “Cirrostrata”. The thing about these pegasi is that they have long rabbit-like ears and three vertical lines under their left eye. These unique features aren’t really explained, but I have a theory….

    Given their rabbit-like ears, I have to wonder….how interesting would it be if these Pegasi were “moon rabbits”, inspired by the Chinese mythology of such creatures residing in a hidden city, rather than in the moon. The connection that they could have to the moon, rather, would be Princess Luna, or rather….Nightmare Moon, who could’ve magically altered them from regular Pegasi (as we have seen done in cartoon canon upon other species and ponies themselves, so it’s not impossible).

    Going further down the rabbit hole (pun intended), how interesting might it be if fusions of these Cirrostratan Pegasu and Bat ponies existed? Are they Cirrostratan Pegasi related to the Batponies as cousins, maybe? Quite frankly, I think there is a world of possibilities for “Bunnicula” ponies to come as a result of these wide open, blank canvas sub-species of ponies.

    New Types of Dragons
    By Double C

    We have seen many different types of ponies, so IDW should explore the possibilities of Dragons from different lands. The ones in the franchise are what we grew up around are Fire Drakes which are depicted in western culture as a symbol of greed and destruction. Every culture throughout history has their point of view of dragons from their appearance and what their powers are. With Spike as the ambassador to dragons, this would be his ultimate challenge by uniting all dragon clans with the help of his friends including Applejack, Ember, and Autumn Blaze. It will be fun to see the different types of dragons outside of both Equestria and the Dragon Lands.

    The one type that we thought Spike was before his molt is called an Earth Dragon or Drake. Earth dragons can breathe fire and have more strength to lift and crush things like boulders than their winged counter parts. A Wyvern has only back legs and no front but they use their wings in the same as bats do and breathe either frost or poison. A Lindwrum has no wings, two claw arms, and a snake body which it moves like mole lizard. They would use their claws to dig tunnels and have been known to spend time under trees like Nidhogg and Yggdrasil. An Amphiptere is a winged serpent that has feather wings or its body covered in feathers which can be found in both in Western and Aztec mythologies. A Wrym is a giant serpent with many dragon featured like its head and lives both underground and any bodies of water.

    But the one type that should have made an appearance before the finale and would give Spike a challenge is the East Asian Dragons. While dragons in western culture are popular, dragons in eastern culture are also popular primarily from Chinese mythology which will be the first for Spike to encounter. Chinese dragons unlike their western counter parts symbolize power and wisdom that puts them at the same league as alicorns. They are seen as divine beings that played a part of the creation of life which would explain how they can use all forms of magic including controlling water. In the MLP would, eastern and western dragons don’t get along very well which include going to war with each other. They would teach Spike more magic, language, and culture. One of Spike’s favorite is shapeshifting which enables him to either grow to his adult form or turn into a pony.

    What other new type of dragons from mythologies would you all like IDW to show in season 10?

    Where's Derpy?
    By: FlareGun45

    Remember in the earlier seasons? Derpy wasn't somepony who was out and about - she was blended into the background, and only those who were really lookin' for her could find her, and that's how we came up with the "Where's Derpy" game! Find the cute gray blond pegasus with the derpy eyes, she could be hidden in plain sight, or hidden pretty well! She was hidden quite well in "May the Best Pet Win!" Can you find her?

    Unfortunately, in the later seasons, that game went away, and then Derpy went out and about interacting with the characters. In my opinion, that kinda ruined the game and the fun of finding her. You always have those games where you find those hidden collectables or characters, or those movies and shows with little easter eggs in the background?

    Which didja prefer? Her hidden, or her being out and talking? At least those dumb soccer-moms wouldn't think twice about her if she was just hidden in the background! That's the fun of her! She's a treat for the bronies - and a nice little fun activity for us to have while watching the show! Why did that hafta stop in the later seasons?