• More Pony Music! Fluffy, Meaningful & Heavy!

    As the release of upcoming compilation albums is starting to dawn at the horizon, and even more compilation album projets get created by the day, standalone releases are equally important and it's good to remember that! Celebrating our community's passion and creativity once more, this new bonus music post will show you some more wonders made by our talented and passionate musicians in the meantime!
    By the way, pony Hardcore label Equestrian Terror Corps are launching their main compilation album series and submissions are open for the first album "COREQUESTRIA VOL. 1: PONYVILLE"! The series will have a concept of exploring locations of Equestria in musical form! More info here.
    Additionally, charity initiative Helpie's Corner are looking for musicians, artists, and volunteers of all kinds for their next charity compilation album project! More info here.

    1. RD ED - Mirror Pond Comeback
    Instrumental - Hybrid Orchestral
    Pinkie's new trip to the Mirror Pond and lots of fun, depicted in musical form by RD ED with playful melodies and instruments!

    2. Nyancat380 - Controled Minds
    Instrumental - Electronica
    A new dark and fast experiment from Nyancat380 that makes use of Pinkie vocal chops!

    3. Mark Spurlock & Christina Spurlock - Destined for Pinkie (Smile Song & Destined for Glory Cover/Mashup)
    Vocal - Metal
    "What happens when you're listening to metal in the car and your wife starts singing My Little Pony songs over it", as explained in the description! As a result, the couple made this cover/mashup of Pinkie's Smile Song and Destined for Glory by Hammerfall, lovingly naming it Destined for Pinkie and featuring Christina's rocking vocals that sound so much like Pinkie! This kind of initiative is so awesome!

    4. DAϟH & Nyancat380 - Ketamine
    Vocal - Uptempo/Splittercore
    DAϟH collabed with Nyancat380 for a joint fast-speed experiment! It just had to happen!!

    5. Lianella Stilson - Ears Up!
    Vocal - Dubstep
    Mixing "cute" with "dark", along a pony animation... It works, and the sick beats are showing it!

    6. Royalpony - Never Alone
    Instrumental - Hardstyle
    A new pony track by Royalpony, combining his Hardstyle game with emotional melodies!

    7. Mr. Sunset - Fluffy Chocolate Bunnies
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    The debut release of Mr. Sunset aka Insane Domi released as a ASOS exclusive, Fluffy Chocolate Bunnies definitely lives up to its cute title with mellow sounds and melodies, all in a cool Synthwave format!

    8. Tw3Lv3 - Zer0
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    Tw3Lv3's newest Lo-fi release, as chill as ever!

    9. Ponytronic - Yet, You Don't Care
    Instrumental - Future Bass
    Chill yet melancholic, Ponytronic's latest release from the "Secrets Best Kept Alone; Forever Untold" album is meant to depict a past personal experience, all while making a parallel with a story between Vinyl and Octavia!

    10. Rinnie - Welcome to the Show (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Vocal - Rock
    An updated cover of Rainbow Rocks' climax song by Rinnie, and once more you can just picture the Rainbooms playing this in their rehearsal garage!

    11. VocallegraEnby - Stay Here Forever (feat. Avanna)
    Vocal - Pop
    VocallegraEnby creatively used a Vocaloid girl, Avanna, to sing meaningful lyrics in this lovely tribute to FiM!

    Round Trip & Faux Synder - health tips from the stickquestria grils
    The Living Tombstone - Discord (AnimatronicPony Remix) (Pony voice generator by 15.ai)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!