• Silent Falleym 4: The Dark Envoy is Now Available

    Since we are mostly all stuck inside why not try out another game from the makers of AnterFOLD? We have their latest for you after the break!

    Hello guys! During the COVID-19 outbreak, we've received serious damage, but even with it, we will continue our case with pleasing you in these hard and terrible times.

    Today is a big release, the fourth part of the Silent Falleym series. Silent Falleym 4: The Dark Envoy brings new features to the franchise, including the combat system, which made it more realistic and unexpected. Yes, despite the fact what you are playing for the Reaper, you aren't terminator anymore. Each fight with the monster will be a test, so will you survive or not depends on you.

    From other things, we have updated sounds, music, graphics and added some required effects, etc. Oh, and Metatrox can now talk!

    Our discord and site communities are growing up, and all of that is your merit. We are always active there!
    Keep up expanding our pony family!

    Also, we are periodically updating our new and old games. So don't forget about to check the version of the games at our site or discord channel. Maybe they are already got an update.

    Twitter: Calpain