• Fanfic Music: Heartsong - Cloudsbane [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    Inspired by PsychicKid’s fanfic Magisight, Heartsong made a song depicting the events of chapters 25-27 of it, and it's now available as part of A State of Sugar Brownie! As you could expect upon seeing that length, of more than 7 minutes, the song is very progressive, definitely giving off Soundtrack vibes! The part starting at 2:21 will remind the players of Kingcom Come Deliverance of the kind of medieval music found in the game, and it's such a bliss and very original in the community! The melodic part at 4:26 is so very OST-like and gives me shivers, as I reminisce about epic adventures in RPGs fitting to that kind of music! And when you thought you heard it all, epic choirs take your breath away! Heartsong really outdid himself, and crafted such an incredible masterpiece that has got to be one of his best works yet, if not his best!