• Equestria Girls: Pinkie Pie Snack Psychic Follow Up

    So I might’ve decided to talk about this one only because I was scrolling through the list of shorts, saw nachos, ordered nachos, and the next day decided I can write about this. There is never any harm in following your stomach on a few ideas. Anyway, we’ve come back to Pinkie’s place of employment, a 50’s styled diner where somehow her memory and knowledge of customers is either amazing or kinda creepy. If I was to give this short a moral, it’s that knowing the right people can help you a lot in the long run. Either that or don’t write about something taking place in a diner without eating first. But let’s take a look at the short and see how much Pinkie needs to be tipped with how much she’s doing for everyone.

    So we got a lot to work with in this one shot that’s literally the first second we enter the diner. I like the idea of Rose Luck and Derpy hanging out like this. They’re at least in the same gardening club as Wallflower Blush so it’s a nice call back to them having a connection. We also have our daters Bon Bon and Lyra cutting up a rug. There were here in the Coinky Dink World music video so they must come here for dates a lot. But who wouldn’t? Diner food is cheap and delicious if you go to the right places. I mean just look at that mountain of meat on that plate.

    Yes Pinkie. The original show did use to start on Saturday mornings. I miss it, too. But enough about that. Can we just admire how cute this waitress uniform is? If I was more into pink, I’d cosplay this in a heartbeat, skates and all. I also couldn’t help but notice the three friends that were at here right now. I wonder why we have Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash here or all combinations of Humane 7. Interesting…

    Pinkie I know you work here and you’re trying to help Flash with his studying stress, but did you have to touch his food with your bare hands? So Pinkie just knows that when Flash is stressed, he orders a grilled cheese. Gotta love that cheese pull though.

     Yeah I had to go frame by frame with these emotions. This short was probably not too far from The Friendship Games where Flash keeps confusing SciTwi as the pony princess he was eyeing. The sheer awkwardness of these two in the shot while Pinkie is just in her own world trying to help is just so juicy. Pinkie, never change.

    So in the end, Twilight was at least able to help Flash study…after getting over the pain of adolescent awkwardness. Or just getting over the girl that looks like the one you’re in love with having an identical twin. Soap operas wish they could be this naturally dramatic.

    Basic rule of diner food: it will be messy. Eat with caution. Meet Blueberry Cake, someone who doesn’t know how messy food can be. Rarity has truly seen the end of the world and it’s attempting to get meat stains out of clothing. Score another point for Pinkie trying to be subtle and then landing the final blow of “use a napkin.”

    So with just the smell of chlorine and soup, she knows that the swim team didn’t win their swim meet and don’t deserve nachos, but soup instead. A cheaper option and good depending on the type of soup, but I can understand wanting nachos more than soup at that point. I get this feeling anytime I’m sick.

    Pinkie would probably be the one to pay for their nachos even when they didn’t order them and gave it to them for at least trying. And yeah, hands down, those nachos are looking mighty fine compared to the tomato soup they have. Could’ve at least ordered grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it.
    Editor’s Note: Sweet Celestia I’m getting hungry…

    Pinkie is truly a girl with connections…or just convenient friends. With Rainbow Dash as the captain of all the sports teams (how that works is beyond me. Eight hours of sleep a day doesn’t make you run several sports teams without confusion sometimes). But it’s also nice how Pinkie can boast about her friends and how awesome they are.

    Sunny Sugarsocks makes a great point here. How would Pinkie Pie know exactly what everyone needs? Almost to say it’s like a sense…a certain psychic predicting sense. I’m sure something like that would be simply unheard of when it comes to Pinkie Pie.
    Editor’s Note: Writing in sarcasm is hard. 

    I love how wrapped up this moment is. Just showing all the people Pinkie helped and how well it all turned out. How Rarity completely redesigned that dress is amazing though. Where did she get all that and completely change the dress in a matter of minutes? Flash is at least understanding math…or whatever those pie charts mean. And Rainbow Dash giving a random swim team from some other school (my guess is Crystal Prep since the color scheme is similar) pointers on how to swim. And also nachos…can’t forget the nachos.

    Pinkie’s next “gut feeling” was being hungry for the biggest banana split sundae anyone can ever ask for. And there were other cute shots of them taking a bite out of this beast, but just the cute little “woo!” at the end is just too much. Glad they can be on break and enjoy this giant dessert…with chocolate and bananas and sprinkles and…ok let’s wrap this up before I start licking the screen.
    So that was Psychic Snacks, a way of making the Pinkie Sense canon in the human world without the need of a twitchy tail. This was basically a Pinkie Pie showcase of her desire to make people smile. If you think about it another way, it’s like she knows she can’t provide the help certain people needed and knows who actually can. She knows what she’s good at and she knows what her friends are good at and knows they can help them more than she can. But at least having her able to help in some small way is probably more than enough for her. I know it’s such a roundabout way of thinking about it, but it makes sense in her simplistic maturity. “I can’t do it, but I know someone who can” is a lot more mature than trying something you know you can’t do and messing it up. Cute story with even cuter outfits makes for a great EqG short. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta get a large amount of food and feel bad about it later.