• Beer Brewery Creates "Brony" Beer, Gets a C&D From Hasbro

    Something interesting apparently went down last month under the radar. A Company called "Illuminated Beer Works" brewed up what they call Brony Beer and had it on store shelves at a few places that carry various indie brands.

    Apparently at some point, Hasbro got wind of it and as of 3 weeks ago, they received a C&D to stop selling it.

    From the looks of it on their Instagram, they are going to go ahead and comply and stop selling it, but anything still on shelves is fair game. They are based in Chicago, so if you want to hunt it down, that might be a good place to start.

    (Update: It's looking like they have removed Twilight Sparkle from the can and replaced it with a brony instead for future sales!)

    Thanks to Dallin for the heads up.