• More Pony Music! An Endless Stream of Creativity!

    Sea of pony music ahoy! Let's set sail for new pony adventures together, while the musical breeze guide our path! Once more let us appreciate the many wonders made by the pony musicians of our community everyday! Pony music lives on!

    1. ShobieShy - GOD (ST2)
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Shobie showcases his flow and cool rapping once more!

    2. Nyancat380 - Empty Inside
    Instrumental - Trap/Chillout
    Nyancat380's ever-creative musical endeavors continue, and among other recent releases, this is definitely a very tasty and delightfully atmospheric one!

    3. Kozmos - Underdog (feat. Doodled)
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    A lovely collab straight from the pony rap scene, this funky Hip Hop piece is on fire with such an awesome flow and inspired pony lyrics!

    4. Knife Pony - Stay (Light Assassin Remix)
    Vocal - Synthwave/Dubstep
    An emotional and creative remix of a classic from our boi Light Assassin!

    5. Altius Volantis - Winter is Coming
    Instrumental - Hybrid Orchestal
    Altius made an anthem for a local pony con/meetup, sampling the eponymous line from Twilight that we all remember as an epic Games Of Thrones reference!

    6. Vylet Pony - Nomad
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternate Electronic
    Another YouTube release from the Queen of Misfits album, the vocals in it will make you melt, along the Trixie chara depth also expressed in the description! Also check out another YouTube release from the album that just got uploaded, Different Kind of Magic!

    7. DAϟH - Bet Against The Fire
    Vocal - Gabber/Speedcore
    A new high-speed treat from our friendly neighborhood DAϟH, inspired by and sampling the fanmade animation Rainbow Dash Presents: The Star in Yellow!

    8. The Pulse Wave Project - Constellations (Edizione Via Alitalia) (Aviators Cover)
    Vocal - Italo Disco
    A thoughtful cover of Aviator's classic from The Pulse Wave Project, with quite a backstory to it explained in the description!
    Listen to it from Soundcloud here, and download it from Pony.fm here.

    9. James Kelly, Forest Rain, Melsarion & Friends - Do Better (Fallout Equestria Dead Tree Intro Theme)
    Vocal - Soundtrack
    A group collab for the intro song of the Audio Books/Dramas released on this channel, Fallout Equestria Dead Tree! Check it out if you're interested!

    10. Rinnie - Dragon Greed (Covering Omnipony)
    Instrumental - Acoustic
    A wonderful Acoustic Cover of Omnipony's cherished original, quite creative with the new arrangement of the original melodies on the guitars, and brimming with RPG vibes too!

    11. Paloris - Hope (Ice Angel Remix)
    Instrumental - Drumstep
    A chill yet intense remix of Paloris' original, full of dreamy vibes!

    12. Seventh Element - The B Word VIP
    Vocal - Trap
    Seventh's updated version of his remix of con shenanigans, now with 20% more teacups!!

    13. DAϟH - Gates to Tartarus
    Instrumental - Gabber/Speedcore
    Not without reminding of CRUVOD's Gates of Tartarus, DAϟH delivers the concept in his signature style all while experimenting with guitars!

    14. Toby Macarony - AJ's Muscles
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    Applejack vocal chops and a festive instrumental bring much excitement courtesy of Toby!

    15. Checkerëd - EASY
    Instrumental - PsyCircut
    Coining a new genre, Checkerëd made an energetic song with crazy melodies and pace that is definitely a trip!

    eksoka - Chocomint (Hearts and Hooves Day Special on Twitter)
    BlackGryph0n - Taking Off (Drum Cover by Drummershy)
    Better Than Ever/We've Come So Far/Good Vibes/Rainbow Rocks (And More) - Equestria Girls Mashup

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!