• Pony Dreams Music: Thorinair - A Recurring Nightmare [Ambient]

    The herald of Luna's beautiful Night in the community (see below), Thorinair has also been crafting soulful musical wonders expressing much depth, such as this new Ambient piece that is all about some dream experiences! It was premiered during the pre-show guest mix for Thorinair's Glory of The Night #100 live mix, a special story-centered edition of Glory of The Night for its hundredth iteration, just like it happened with #50. It featured both story written by Thorinair and artworks depicting it hoof-picked by him, for each track as they played, and the pony story was especially deep and epic. Those like me who got lucky to attend it in the official server of the show, know it! Check out released Glory of The Night episodes from Thorinair's Mixcloud, and tune in to listen to them live every other saturday on PonyvilleFM!