• UPDATE: Full MLP/Transformers: Friendship in Disguise Creative Team Revealed!

    ALL OF MY YES!!!!

    is exactly what I screamed at 4:30 AM when I saw this news!

    And if you thought the news was just going to be this, well I have to say you are sorely mistaken!

    Equestria Daily reached out to our friends over at IDW Publishing when we noticed the credits for this issues seemed a little off. Turns out they were, just not in the way that we thought!

    Equestria Daily and our friends over at IDW Publishing are happy to confirm that there's not one, not two, but three writers and FIVE illustrators working on this title!

    To find out who you'll have to check them out after the break!

    Writers: James Asmus, Ian Flynn, and Sam Maggs

    Illustrators: Tony Fleecs, Jack Lawrence, Priscella Tramontano, Casey W. Coller, and Sara Pitre-Durocher

    Special RI Cover Artist: Beth McGuire-Smith

    Yes folks! this is the largest creative team a My Little Pony comic mini-series has seen since FIENDShip is Magic! And one equally epic for the subject of this crossover!

    There is still no official word on how (or when) this mini-series will be released outside of the Trade Paperback Collection this November.

    So be sure to check back in soon for more Friendship in Disguise news as it comes in! Till next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. Let's Roll Out!