• Hearts & Hooves Day Compilation Album: Pinkamena Party - PONY DO ME [Gabber]

    Not just a play on the title of the PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY album, this new group initiative from Pinkamena Party for Hearts & Hooves Day is bringing many Gabber wonders for your ears to enjoy. Familiar faces as well as mysterious musicians contributed with fun tracks to celebrate the day while throwing what is truly a crazy party, and in more ways than one since some of the tracks may definitely be too hot for children ears and may consume part of your innocence. You've been warned! Aside from that, the album is to be savored without moderation along the musicians who participated with love. I especially recommend track #11 Acid for Twilight Sparkle! (the music genre Acid, of course) And listening to tracks #7 and #8 while writing up the article for this song felt... fitting somehow. Lots to be appreciated in this compilation album for sure, and remember Celestia's words, "There is no wrong way to fantasize"! Also, special mention to Enuna for such an amazing cover art!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!

    (Mature content warning)