• Equestria Girls: Star Crossed Follow Up

    We’ve now come to one of the greater shocks that came from this spin off of MLP:FiM. An actual canon relationship growing naturally (unless we count Applejack and Rarity from Rollercoaster of Friendship). Now don’t get me wrong. I get that over time things seem to be…”sparking” with Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer, but with the past still being a factor in their own growing relationship, nothing has been confirmed just yet. At most, Sunset dated him to be popular and now they’re friends with benefits at least. With this ship, it’s fully blooming since the Camp Everfree movie and I don’t mind the continuity. Maybe at some point I’ll look into the relationships in this series with more detail, but right now we gotta make sure Sci Twi can still be sociable for a date with Timber. Can anyone smell love in the air? Let’s take a look.

    Aww they’re even already taking the awkward selfies together. And I have no idea what the trophy is for, but since this doesn’t look like a shot from Camp Everfree with Twilight in her regular clothes, this doesn’t seem to be their first *ahem*…”hang out”. Yeah she actually calls it that while talking to Fluttershy. Twilight it’s your friend, not your mother. You can say date. Just not too loud because I don’t know how your brother would feel about his little Twily going out with a boy.

    I have some concerns about the number of large pictures Twilight keeps of Spike. A bit much of an ego boost on the little guy. And I don’t see any corks on those test tubes in the back. Are these chemicals even safe for her to just have airing out in her bedroom where he sleeps? Ok ok I’’ chill on a bit of the questioning. I actually do like Twilight acting like a teenage girl where she’s going through her date idea, which is really cool. Touring a planetarium, watching the planetarium show, and star gazing with hot chocolate while talking. With all the talk of astronomy, I won’t if their star signs are compatible.

    Well…maybe I see why you were only telling Fluttershy if her gift idea for a date is a jar of insects. They’re not even chocolate covered to make it seem exotic. But I’m sure as sugar that just like her song for Rainbow Rocks that this will be a major plot point of this short. Because it’s Fluttershy. Don’t question it.

    Oh you weren’t gonna get away with your ships that easily Hasbro. Like I was gonna miss Curly Winds and Wiz Kid just together at this moment of Twilight and Timber’s date meet up. Was Lyra and Bon Bon too busy to be your “Spot the Ship” in this short? So I’ll say this, body language is super strong with Twilight and Timber. He seems cool and collected while Twilight’s legs are turned in with nerves. It’s just too adorable.

    Again, really strong body language happening in these scenes. Don’t worry Twilight I’m sure he thinks your awkward and forced laugh is cute. And nothing says cute like jokes about gravitational forces. Like the one pulling Timber back in shock from the puns. I’m sure this is not their first date, but young love still comes with nerves I guess.

    Well at least Starswirled the Bearded is technically real in this world. But I wonder what made him famous. Don’t think it had anything to do with being a string sorcerer against the forces of evil. Otherwise they you have him in every Dungeons & Dragons game as Game Master or a boss fight. I guess in this universe he’s more of an astronomer like Galileo so no magic here. And no gravitational force exhibit either.

    Now this is cuteness overload. Twilight is freaking out about missing the planetarium show and Timber is just giddy to be holding her hand like this. That face is amazing.

    So I may not be looking into the skies in these specials to see how the sun looks in this dimension, but was it supposed to be a flaming blue ball of fire? Some planets you can probable guess like Earth, possibly Mars and Jupitar in the boxes, and the guy probably holding Saturn. But what planet do we have that looks like a meatball gone bad with the yellow spots? Sadness consumes Twilight as the planetarium show is off. Maybe they can at least look through the telescope to see stars.

    Ok never mind. Too cloudy to see even a gas station billboard. And is anyone else bothered with how slanted this building is? It’s a unique shape and all, but my urge to straighten it out is killing me. Looks like Twilight’s date ideas aren’t going completely as perfect as she wanted. I know the feeling.

    Well… can’t say they’ll be doing any heavy kissing during this date. Twilight’s thermos is still making that hot chocolate hot and somehow both of these smarties didn’t decide to blow on it first. I mean no coffee mug is strong enough that you can’t feel how hot something is. But at least the star sprinkles in the hot chocolate looked nice. And that Pinkie Pie wasn’t the one putting the sprinkles in it. You think just your tongue is burnt, try 40% of your skin surface.

    This isn’t even an “I’m sad” type of face. Twilight is just downright fed up. But Timber is a pretty good person to admit that he researched constellations before their date so he could impress her. Too precious…can’t hold out…

    Fluttershy: best wingman to exist in this series. So the bugs in the jar turned out to be fireflies and I want to say that’s cute and all, but did Fluttershy knew they wouldn’t be able to see the stars and just gave them some pseudo firefly stars instead? Ok maybe that’s just overthinking. This just seemed like the right accent mark when things were looking bleak. Not a bad idea Flutters.

    Twilight: “Consider me…”
    Both: “…star struck.”

    I don’t have much cynicism to say here. This was just too sugar sweet. Though their love and bonding over star puns might be an itty bit cringe, it’s practically washed over by how genuine this moment is. I like how normal this relationship turned out. Even though ruined moments, as long as you can have that time together things will work out just fine. I think my blood sugar is ruined with all this sweetness.
    So that was Star Crossed, a nice moment of continuity where a love interest is actually sticking around and not just there for some speck of plot convenience (*ahem* Flash *cough, cough*). This was a pretty nice slice of life moment and I like seeing characters experience a different emotion that doesn’t happen in EqG that much. Compared to the regular show, you can probably count the number of canon relationships on one hand. It wasn’t even really confirmed that Shining Armor and Cadance were even married or interacted even once when seen in the Friendship Games. I suppose love in a mystical pony world is not as slow moving as it is in the human world. I don’t think it’s non-existent, but it’s not a common theme regardless of all the shows with teenage girls and having interests in love taking over 30% of the plot. But give or take, it won’t take away anything substantial about the series as a whole…except is Rarity and Applejack do start dating we can at least get some romantic shenanigans with dating behind their friend’s or thinking of what to give each other for their anniversary. But enough fan fiction ideas. Enjoy the love you have be it a significant other, friends, family, or pets and have a Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentine’s Day. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m heading to the store for discount chocolate.