• New Pony Label & Album!! DAϟH & Payyn - Equestrian Terror; An Introduction [Hardcore]

    A brand new MLP based label just launched, and you will be able to tell that it clearly focuses on pony with how their debut album sounds!! The co-founders DAϟH and Payyn are setting an example with a stellar album that, as its title says, serves as an introduction to the label. Creative and quality Hardcore/Speedcore beauties are gracing the ears and the open minds as the crafty progressions and use of pony vocal samples unfold. After a fun opener that pictures a pony trotting around Equestrian streets with a chainsaw, we get thrown back the General Mumble street with a wonderful spin on the classic Mare Do Well, then we gaze at a Blood Moon in the Everfree and that makes for such a unique experience, and then we get invited at Pinkie's Dinner Service that certainly blew me away with Payyn's compositional prowess. DAϟH proceeds to continue the journey with Dream Demon that samples Luna's struggle against her Shadow the Tantabus, and those lines at the end make for quite an interesting effect! A tasteful remix of the famous Neverending Strife comes then, and we end with an obligatory collab between the two musicians, who saw fit to go for a very appreciated Rarity theme with Deadline Darling, sampling her voice to perfection.

    Download the album from Bandcamp here, and stay updated about the label by joining their Discord server and following their Twitter page and YouTube channel!