• Sombra Music: MelodyBrony - THE KING (2020) (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, Luck Rock & KriZzZ) [Rock]

    The King is Back! Reference intended? Who knows! One of the highlights of 2019, MelodyBrony's super-collab The King just got an updated version, remastered and remixed! Featuring talents of PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, Luck Rock and KriZzZ, the masterpiece renews the sheer power and awesome it holds, with such divine vocals, epic lead guitar solo, and those beloved keyboards parts! And let's not forget the passionate drums performance and the blissful bass! Everypony's work on the track is shining all over again and it makes me so happy! I love all these musicians so much!! This is available for download on Bandcamp here!