• Silent Falleym 2: Bloodied Sign Released and More

    Another remake from the AnterFOLD team has been released, this time of their game Silent Falleym 2! You can find all the details after the break along with some screenshots!

    The second remake of planned two Silent Falleym 2: Bloodied Sign has complete. This part was the most conflictual from all, and the community gave it red light for many reasons. The remake is not just improvement of gameplay, style, etc. it's the restoration of the lost honor, and washing away shame from Silent Falleym 2 itself.

    Since Silent Falleym 2: Bloodied Sign is the direct continuation of the first game, we recommend at first to complete Silent Falleym: Snowfall for better understanding the game mechanics and gameplay itself. Still, it's only our recommendation, and you can do what you want. Also, with the release of the second remake, we have updated Silent Falleym: Snowfall and improved the balance, several aspects, etc. So if you have previous version, please download and install the newer one.

    Have a question or need help? Visit our website or discord server. We won't calm down while your game won't be work perfectly, heh.

    As always thank you for the support! The best reward for us is telling about us to everypony.

    Have a nice day!

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