• Pony Lo-fi Album: Tw3Lv3 - Release [Lo-fi]

    It's finally here, Tw3Lv3's much anticipated Lo-fi album!! Teased for some time, and hyped with Tw3Lv3's display of mastery of the genre with many standalone releases of late, the album features many brand new original tracks as well as collabs with many homies such as Steryotype, The Empty Tomb, TheTaZe, Power Note, and even MC-Arch. Both versions of the essential Starlight's Dream are included in the album as well, so it definitely has all the reasons to qualify as a must-get! Come listen to what Tw3Lv3 has been up to, and many creative musical endeavors and lovely fan works!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here, or alternatively listen to it from Soundcloud here or Spotify here. Also check out YouTube uploads of tracks from the album, Tsukimi on Cider Party, Under The Rain on Tw3Lv3's channel, and Daylight Savings Time on TheTaZe's channel!