• G4.5 Pony Life - Which Version Are We Getting?

    There has been a boatload of speculation and all out war over the announcement of Pony Life the other day, our new 2020 My Little Pony series. It definitely seems like a gap closer for the inevitable release of G5 with the movie in 2021, and we've got art combined with wildly different animation of said art. What exactly can we expect?

    While some are raising the pitchforks, I think it's important that we cool the explosions a bit. The usual pony VAs and their agents are working on this at least.

    The big question is, what exactly are we getting? At the moment our only example of animation is from the toy commercial, and Hasbro has always had relatively lower quality animation and voicework in those compared to the actual show. The promo screenshots seem to hint that this is what we will be getting instead.

    What do you all think? Was the toy commerce and it's completely over the top Pinkie joining Fluttershy's noodle arms too much? Would you be happy with that promo material version instead?