• Equestria Girls Follow Up: My Little Shop of Horrors

    We are in the beginning of the holiday season so of course I needed to do a follow up on a video named after one of my favorite horror movie musicals Little Shop of Horrors. Though the only thing horror about it is the talking plants that try to change the genre and rating of this animation. But other than that we have Sci Twi behaving like a Disney Princess and Celestia being a troll…again. If I was to say there was a moral in this short, it would be that with all the magic coming in and out of your world, maybe pay a little more attention to nip it in the bud before it grows out of control (heh. Flower puns). Anyway, let’s get this short follow up short a’bloomin.

    (no promises that this is the last flower pun)

    So like any Twilight clone, she’s always willing to help her mentor…I mean…teacher…I mean principal. Man, continuity is hard to keep track of. Not to mention this one not making since Celestia has only known this version of Twilight for two full length movies. Also they didn’t really have much dialogue with each other like Horse light has in the first movie. But enough about Principal Celestia filling the void left from a pony princess, we have magic green Gak to bring us the plot.

    So this might just be based on Little Shop of Horrors being a musical, but how can I think scary when Twilight is just so adorable. Singing to plants like she’s a Princess somewhere in a distant dimension. I do feel like Fluttershy set our little Sci Twi up. She sings to animals to makes them happy, Twilight sings to plants and they become sentient. It all matches up rather strangely.

    Give a little bit? A little goes a long way Twilight. You’re practically drowning these plants. And what’s with Celestia’s greenhouse? Maybe I’m just a stickler for organizing but just to have random plants everywhere is kinda bugging me. Like you have random flowers everywhere and then you have cacti in these small pots next to palm trees. And where’s the fruits and veggies? The only reason I would ever grow anything is if I can eat it. I can’t eat a cactus. I’ve seen what it does to people.

    Oh my goodness I’ve created life! Take that Micro Chips!

    Twilight…my little science student…giggling and greeting the singing sentient plants is probably the last this you should do. Was she just fine with them coming to life? She didn’t see the magic go into the watering can so how is she fine with this?


    Yes my lovelies! Grow bigger and bigger! The meteor from Creepshow and Poison Ivy will have nothing on us.
    I think I have some concerns with our nerdy characters becoming too strong. Between Twilight’s plant army and Micro Chips’ toaster robot with lasers, these two would be a dangerous combination. And somehow I’m reminded of something when I think of a gadget scientist and a plant scientist...


    I am obligated not to make the easiest joke here so you are free to make the joke yourself in the comments. I will be better than this. But yeah. After a while you figure out singing plants growing bigger and bigger might’ve been a problem when they’re addicted to the water.

    And here we see the Nikkius Minajus with its striking colors, large petals, and impossible stem thickness to even support the top bud.

    Why do I feel like Twilight has used these messages before for her to type it out this fast? Like she needed Applejack to bring a shovel to…bury a friend. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!
    Or probably not. I’ve just been listening to Billie Eilish too much this week. Ignore that. But now I just would’ve liked a duet with this song with Twilight and Applejack, but that’s just me.

    Ok this is super nitpicky for a short lasting under 3 minutes, but how did Applejack get here so quickly? Where is this greenhouse that Applejack just popped up? It’s not like she has Rainbow Dash’s super speed so even if this was all taking place at the school, who knows how fast she had to run to get here.

    AJ: “It’s that watering can that’s what! It’s got magic all over it!”
    Seriously Twilight? You didn’t think there was something wrong with watering plants and having them grow at unrealistic speeds and start singing? With how many times magic is appearing all over your school and you didn’t think something was amiss beforehand?

    Feed me Twilight!!! Feeeeeeeeed meeeeeee!!!
    Good job Twilight. Your dog is plant food. Are you proud of what a good student you are for Celestia?

    So to combat sentient plants wanting water, you douse the plants…with more water. Meh. We’ve had lazier resolutions. I can at least say the sprinklers washed away the magic water from the water can. But Spike…oh he won’t be the same puppy for a while. He has starred at the end and the end was a big lipped flower with teeth.
    Spike abuse: even in another dimension it doesn’t lessen. Can we get a set of wings on the dog too please?

    Celestia: “Oh and Twilight? Just be careful not to over water the plants. Have fun!”
    Trollestia: Also the same in any dimension. I think this was the moment Twilight would never do another extra credit assignment ever again. Applejack took the watering can to make bigger apples to make more profit. And Spike now rips every flower he sees out of the ground in a show of dominance.

    So that was My Little Shop of Horrors and my goodness was it a strange one to talk about. Mostly because I made way more pop culture references than I thought I would. It’s a holiday miracle. Anyway, this wasn’t really supposed to be a moral or anything so little slice of life shorts like this are pretty refreshing. It still has to have its bits of magical chaos and I feel Discord get chills whenever it happens, but this was a fun short. I don’t want to think Twilight was just that oblivious to what was going on around her, but her being that happy about it in the beginning feels me with concern. Good thing she knows a farmer girl with super speed and understanding of emojis who helped her with gardening. But I’ll forgive it for the cute gif of Twilight dancing with the plants. That’s my follow up so have a happy Halloween and Nightmare Night and keep meat away from your house plants.