• MLP Soundclowns: Likonan - My Little Bronyclown

    I wasn't familiar with the term before, but a soundclown is "mashup parody music", and these MLP-themed soundclowns from Likonan were definitely brewed with love! Parodying many community classics such as Beyond Her Garden, Return, Pinkie's Brew and Rainbow Factory and mashing them up with famous songs for wonky and hilarious results, it also sometimes makes for very cool alternate versions and the songs work quite well together! Show songs also get the special treatment, look out for that Open Up Your Eyes mashup that sounds so cool, and same goes for that enthralling mashup of A Kirin Tale that is so epic and just works so well that it actually gave me shivers! My favorite in this album has got to be #5, as Omnipony's Return is my second favorite pony track ever, and to see it getting mixed along POP/STARS and Move Your Body is a treat I never expected to get.

    Listen to the whole album via this Soundcloud playlist, and download it in full quality from this Mediafire link!