• Pinkie, Chrysalis, Tantabus Final Boss Album: Slitherkitty - Versus III: Endless Nightmare [Electronic/Soundtrack]

    A gem of an album, this 31-tracks powerhouse by Slitherkitty has gone under the radar of many of us, and I thank DAϟH for the heads-up! An impressive relentless exhibition of crafty electronic experiments, and clearly inspired by some Soundtrack styles that you may recognize throughout the album, too. With a melodic and progressive style, and hints of FF7 OST and even Touhou OST at times, the album also got amazing Pinkie vocal chops with track #2, and tracks dedicated to characters such as Chrysalis with track #21 (that has got a callback to This Day Aria and Chrysalis vocal samples), Alicorn Trixie with #25, Flurry "Fury" Heart with #26, Cozy Glow with #28, "Somnivore" Tantabus with the "Final Boss" track #29 (that has got vocal samples of that episode), and Lyra with #30! And if you played J-RPGs, you just know that last boss was hiding another in one epic and deep story twist, so there's a "True Final Boss" track too, of more than 12 minutes! Such an amazing tribute from start to finish!
    Listen to the album and download it from Bandcamp here! And go show your appreciation to Slitherkitty on his Twitter!