• "Bat Tag!" 2019 Begins - Your OC is Infected by BAT, Go Bite and Spread It!

    The now annual Bat Tag event is currently happening over on Deviant Art. Your mission is to infect as many possible ponies with batpony to celebrate Halloween! Consider your OC bitten and converted, now go bite other ponies!

    For now, draw your pone as a bat and send it to submit@equestriadaily.com with BAT TAG as the subject. All skill levels welcome.

    Then go bite other ponies and make them draw their ponies as a bat!

    Exact things you should include are below with the rules.


    1. Please copy and paste these rules into the description of your drawing, so others know how the game works.
    2. Your pony MUST be bitten by a bat in order to turn others, meaning that someone has to tag one of your characters before you're able to participate. (Consider your pony bitten by batified Spotlight Splash! Gogo)
    3. Your pony can "bite" as many others as they'd like, but please don't overdo it!
    4. You MUST post a picture of your batified pony before you're able to tag anyone else.
    5. Your tagged character can "bite" both your own and others' ponies. Just remember to mention the username of the owner if you're going to tag someone else's pony!
    6. OC's that are already bat ponies are not affected.
    7. Please be sure to specify which user(s) and character(s) you tag when posting your Bat Tag art! This is imperative to the game! (Example: EmbersLament's Bay Breeze)
    8. If you are tagged, you are not required to play! This is only for fun, please don't feel pressured into participating.

    For the main page, hit up this!